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1541  Local / Other languages/locations / MOVED: Hrvatski (Croatian) on: December 18, 2014, 02:09:53 PM
Croatian now has its own board. See Hrvatski (Croatian).
1542  Other / Meta / Re: Forum 250 Btc theft, what's being done about it? Inside job? on: December 18, 2014, 04:08:41 AM
The money hasn't moved:

I was never able to locate his family, though I haven't had time to pursue this as much as I'd like. (The language barrier also makes this especially difficult.) If someone else wants to look into it, feel free. If the money is returned, I'd be willing to use at least 25 BTC of it to reward the people who helped recover it. However, under no circumstances should you harass his friends/family, and I'm not going to give any reward to people who do so.

Unfortunately, even if his family is located, it's likely that they won't be able to recover the BTC.
1543  Other / New forum software / Re: 2 ideas : internal forum wallet - encrypted forum emails... on: December 15, 2014, 11:31:32 PM
I was thinking that it might not be totally useless for the forum to encrypt PMs using JavaScript. This might discourage subpoenas, at least. The forum would be technically capable of decrypting messages in almost all cases by changing the JavaScript, though, so you wouldn't be able to rely on this encryption. Also, the messages would be lost if you forgot your forum password, so enabling encryption by default might be too dangerous for the average user.

This won't be in the first version of the new forum software.
1544  Other / Meta / Re: Is it possible to somehow download all personal messages? on: December 15, 2014, 11:28:16 PM
That idea is fine, but I don't have time to implement it right now.

It sucks, you can't search just by user to see any pm's sent or received, have to put something to search for so it's kind of useless.

Put just "e" in the search box.

I have 734 pages of PMs. It's sometimes a little difficult to navigate, though generally not too bad. I do resort to SQL queries sometimes, so I can understand why someone would want a dump of all of the messages for more in-depth searching/analysis.
1545  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 139 on: December 15, 2014, 10:48:38 PM
I will not be accepting ads for BITMIXER.IO in this or future ad rounds until further notice.

2 @ 1.95

You're too new. PM me first.

Current status:

Slots BTC/Slot Person
1 2.50
1 2.00 casinobitcoin
2 1.95 Micio
4 1.90 FortuneJack

The auction continues.
1546  Other / Meta / Re: Requesting theymos to remove CanaryInTheMine from DefaultTrust on: December 13, 2014, 03:17:44 PM
When I look at the Hierarchical view of the default trust network, I see that he is roughly in the middle of his trust list, that appears to otherwise be in roughly the order that people were added in.

That list is ordered by user ID, not added time.

I think the main problem is that the trust system has given members that haven't proven themselves responsible enough the ability to mark someone's account with negative trust, and essentially ruin the account.

Any inaccuracies will eventually be fixed. I'm not going to allow the default trust network to contain inaccurate ratings for long.
1547  Other / Meta / Re: Trust vocabulary on: December 13, 2014, 05:38:55 AM
I don't think it would be an appropriate action the majority of the time to add someone to your trust list after a trade.

Right. After rating someone, I'm thinking that you'd get a prompt something like:

Rating entered. Optionally, if you also trust this person generally, you think they are a good judge of character, and you are prepared to blindly trust people who they trust, then you can also mark them as Trusted in your trust list. This will affect the trust ratings and scores you see across the entire forum, positively if you choose wisely, negatively otherwise. Yes, add this person to my trust list.

I'd hope that most users would read/understand this to an acceptable degree and therefore be able to create a halfway-decent trust list, though maybe not. Another possibility is that most people would only add people to their trust lists who themselves have hardly anyone on their trust lists, which would create a bad trust network for everyone.

I can't really predict what would happen. I do find the current situation somewhat undesirable, though: I didn't create this really fancy Trust system so that everyone would just use DefaultTrust.
1548  Other / Meta / Re: Trust vocabulary on: December 13, 2014, 05:08:17 AM
I've been thinking about adding a feature where once you give someone a positive rating, you'll be asked if you want to add that person to your trust list, and doing so would also remove DefaultTrust from your trust list if you haven't edited it previously. I'm worried that this will just make everyone appear to have negative trust for most users, though. I'm not sure that the Trust system is powerful/correct enough to handle the errors that most people will make in choosing who to put on their trust lists. Ideally, the ratings you see should be correct as long as most of the users in your trust list are not totally evil/incompetent and at least a few really know what they're doing. Certainly this wouldn't have happened before, but maybe it would now due to the untrust feature. On the other hand, I think that there are only a few people on the forum who actually know how the Trust system works, and I'm not sure how likely they are to be widely trusted under this "auto-trust" system.
1549  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Reused R values again on: December 13, 2014, 04:13:13 AM
What does "weak" mean in this context?

It means that the k value used might be predictable due to the bad RNG. If someone can guess the k used in a transaction, then the private key can be recovered.
1550  Other / Meta / Trust vocabulary on: December 13, 2014, 03:58:33 AM
I often see people mix up these terms, which is confusing.

This forum has something called the Trust system. It consists of two somewhat-separate components: trust ratings and trust lists. You can give people trust ratings, which are little comments about their trustworthiness. How these ratings are displayed is affected by each reader's trust list, so each reader sees different trust ratings. Trust ratings do not affect trust lists.

Your trust list is the list here. It is the list of users who you directly trust. Your trust network is everyone whose rating you see as trusted. Your trust network consists of people on your trust list plus people they trust, plus people they trust, etc., going down to a depth determined by your configured trust depth. (A depth of 0 is just the people on your trust list.)

DefaultTrust is the name of a forum account that you trust when your trust list is empty. The default trust list is this user's trust list. The default trust network is the set of users whose ratings show up as trusted when you trust only DefaultTrust and your trust depth is set to the default 2.

If you took every forum user and drew them as a circle on a huge sheet of paper, and then drew lines from each circle for every person on that user's trust list, with the lines going to the circles corresponding to the trusted users, then the resulting graph would be the global trust graph.

A chain of trust is a path within the global trust graph to you from some user which causes the user to be included in your trust network. For example, if user test123 trusts DefaultTrust directly, then there is a chain of trust from BCB to test123 like this: BCB <- BadBear <- DefaultTrust <- test123. There can be many chains of trust connecting two users.  In this case, it can be said that BCB is in test123's trust network via BadBear and DefaultTrust. You can figure out how a user got into your trust network by looking at the hierarchical trust view.

If someone is in your trust network who you want removed, there are three things you can do:
- Remove all users from your trust list who exist in chains of trust from that user to you. If you wanted to remove BCB in the example above, you could remove DefaultTrust.
- Complain to the people closest to the user in chains of trust from that user to you. If they refuse to remove the user, go up the chain. In the BCB example, you could complain to BadBear, and if he refuses, complain to DefaultTrust. (Though for issues with DefaultTrust, you should actually post to Meta.)
- Explicitly untrust the user by adding them to your trust list with their username prefixed with a ~. In the BCB example, add ~BCB to your trust list.
1551  Other / Meta / Re: Idiot Needs Help- When searching can you order by date? on: December 13, 2014, 03:33:10 AM
Search order: Most recent topics first

I'm not sure whether this actually does anything like what it's supposed to, though... Searching is pretty buggy.

You can also order by date on the Google custom search thing.
1552  Other / Meta / Re: Why was the PayPal discussion thread removed from the altcoin section? on: December 12, 2014, 08:06:41 PM
I think a cryptocurrency is any currency that is better than traditional currencies and traditional money transfer systems in some way due to its use of cryptography.
1553  Other / Meta / Re: Communist style censorship on btc talk forum on: December 11, 2014, 03:44:09 AM
You finally found me out. I am literally Stalin. Bitcoin is secretly a communist conspiracy to take over the world. The glorious worker's paradise of the USSR will reign once more!

1554  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: locktime on: December 10, 2014, 02:04:34 AM
You can't do it directly in Bitcoin Core, though it isn't too difficult to modify the hex yourself. signrawtransaction will sign modified transactions. Refer to the protocol specification. Keep in mind that you'll also need to modify each input's sequence for your lock time to actually work.
1555  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Reused R values again on: December 10, 2014, 01:14:15 AM
The money has been returned to  Please write to blockchain support to claim refund.

That's very ethical of you. I hope they gave you a substantial reward.
1556  Other / Meta / Re: Whitelist major photosharing sites past the image proxy? on: December 09, 2014, 04:53:01 AM
I whitelisted imgur. I probably won't whitelist others because I trust them less and they tend to have less consistent URL formats.
1557  Other / Meta / Re: Lets talk about the altcoin section again on: December 08, 2014, 10:09:00 PM
The altcoin sections are very popular, so I'd like to support them. I don't think that they do anything to hurt the other sections. If you're annoyed at how they clutter the "show unread posts since last visit" page, then you can add those boards to your ignore boards list. (I'm thinking of changing this page so that you can click a button next to each thread to ignore the board it's in.)

I'm not usually interested in altcoins myself, but I can see how people can enjoy them. Most altcoin "investing" is a lot like gambling. I can see how trying to navigate and manipulate these tiny markets could be fun for a lot of people. These pump-and-dump altcoins aren't really competitors to Bitcoin: they're really a way of using your bitcoins to gamble. There are also a handful of technologically interesting altcoins like Monero, which I think are very useful for testing new ideas that might one day be incorporated into Bitcoin.
1558  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Is there any way to mark/flag a specific transaction using bitcoind/rpc? on: December 07, 2014, 07:06:21 AM
There's an old issue open for that feature:

If you really don't want to use any sort of external database, one thing you could do to mark the last transaction you've processed would be to create a new local-only transaction with the move command whenever you're done processing transactions, and then only go back to the last move transaction when processing. You can also give these move transactions comments when you create them that will show up in listtransactions. But you don't want to fill your wallet with these transactions, and it's a pain to delete transactions from a Bitcoin Core wallet, so you should probably only do this if you're polling your wallet infrequently. If there's any way at all that you can store data outside of Bitcoin Core, then it'll be way better to just remember the timestamp of the last transaction you processed and then go back up to that next time.

Note that processing transactions in order using any of these approaches (including the marking thing that you want to do) is not reorg-safe: you might accept a transaction as confirmed that later becomes invalid, but you wouldn't detect this. So this approach might not be appropriate for payment processing. It's usually better to use accounts, listsinceblock, or walletnotify.
1559  Economy / Auctions / Advertise on this forum - Round 139 on: December 07, 2014, 06:25:32 AM
The forum sells ad space in the area beneath the first post of every topic page. About 25% of ad income goes to the forum moderators as thanks for all of their work. (There are many moderators, so each moderator gets only a small amount -- moderators should be seen as volunteers, not employees.) The rest is stored in the forum's treasury (verifiably), where it sits until the forum needs it.

Ads are allowed to contain any non-annoying HTML/CSS style. No images, JavaScript, or animation (no marquee or blinking). Ads must appear 3 or fewer lines tall in my browser (Firefox, 700px wide). Ad text may not contain lies, misrepresentation, or inappropriate language. Ads may not link directly to any NSFW page. Ads may be rejected for other reasons, and I may remove ads even after they are accepted.

There are 10 total ad slots which are randomly rotated. So one ad slot has a one in ten chance of appearing. Eight of the slots are for sale here. Ads appear only on topic pages with more than one post, and only for people using the default theme.

The ad lasts at least 7 days starting from when I put it up. (However, if you look at the ad history you'll see that ads usually get at least 8 days, and sometimes as many as 10, but this is random and definitely not guaranteed.)


Exact historical impression counts per slot:

Info about the current ad slots:

Ad blocking

Hero members, Donators, VIPs, and moderators have the ability to disable ads. I don't expect many people to use this option. These people don't increase the impression counts for your ads.

I try to bypass Adblock Plus filters as much as possible, though this is not guaranteed. It is difficult or impossible for ABP filters to block the ad space itself without blocking posts. However, filters can match against the URLs in your links, your CSS classes and style attributes, and the HTML structure of your ads.

To prevent matches against URLs: I have some JavaScript which fixes links blocked by ABP. You must tell me if you want this for your ads. When someone with ABP and JavaScript enabled views your ads, your links are changed to a special randomized URL which redirects to your site when visited. People without ABP are unaffected, even if they don't have JavaScript enabled. The downsides are:
- ABP users will see the redirection link when they hover over the link, even if they disable ABP for the forum.
- Getting referral stats might become even more difficult.
- Some users might get a warning when redirecting from https to http.

To prevent matching on CSS classes/styles: Don't use inline CSS. I can give your ad a CSS class that is randomized on each pageload, but you must request this.

To prevent matching against your HTML structure: Use only one <a> and no other tags if possible. If your ads get blocked because of matching done on something inside of your ad, you are responsible for noticing this and giving me new ad HTML.

Auction rules

Post your bids in this thread. Prices must be stated in BTC per slot. You must state the max number of slots you want. When the auction ends, the highest bidders will have their slots filled until all eight slots are filled.

I reserve the right to reject bids, even days after the bid is made. In particular, bids from people with less than 15 activity points are likely to be rejected. I recommend not getting into a bidding war with someone who has less than 15 activity points, as their bids might not be accepted, but your latest bids will still stand. If you need to know right away whether someone's bids will be accepted, PM me.

So if someone bids for 8 slots @ 5 BTC and this is the highest bid, then he'll get all 8 slots. If the two highest bids are 8 slots @ 4 BTC and 1 slot @ 5 BTC, then the first person will get 7 slots and the second person will get 1 slot.

The notation "2 @ 5" means 2 slots for 5 BTC each. Not 2 slots for 5 BTC total.

- When you post a bid, the bids in your previous posts are considered to be automatically canceled. You can put multiple bids in one post, however.
- All bid prices must be evenly divisible by 0.05.
- The bidding starts at 0.50.
- I will end the auction at an arbitrary time no more than 12 days from now. (I will probably end the auction 1-3 days before the ads are scheduled to go up.)
- If two people bid at the same price, the person who bid first will have his slots filled first.
- Bids are considered invalid and will be ignored if they do not specify both a price and a max quantity, or if they could not possibly win any slots

If these rules are confusing, look at some of the past forum ad auctions to see how it's done.

You must pay for your slots within 24 hours of receiving the payment address. Otherwise your slots may be sold to someone else, and I might even give you a negative trust rating. I will send you the payment information via forum PM from this account ("theymos", user ID 35). You might receive false payment information from scammers pretending to be me. They might even have somewhat similar usernames. Be careful.
1560  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 138 on: December 07, 2014, 06:17:16 AM
4 @ 6.0

Unfortunately, I must reject this bid. I am uneasy about advertising BITMIXER.IO.

Final result:

Slots BTC/Slot Person
1 6.10 MrWDunne
4 6.05 MariaQin
2 6.00 betcointm
1 5.65
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