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541  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 292 on: November 26, 2019, 05:41:01 PM
Auction ended, final result:
Slots BTC/Slot Person
9 0.11 TheRocketman
542  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest badge voting on: November 26, 2019, 05:33:55 PM
Did you make a mistake here theymos? The post numbers are very similar, but I think you meant this one too:

Fixed, thanks.
543  Other / Meta / Re: Bitcointalk game ad. on: November 26, 2019, 05:33:43 PM
It's your game, feel free.
544  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest badge voting on: November 26, 2019, 04:22:08 AM

You may only select up to 52 options.
The choices are the top 53 (50+3 due to a multi-way tie) users
545  Other / Meta / Re: Congratulation and A big thank you @Theymos on: November 26, 2019, 04:18:30 AM
I was really thrilled to see so much good art, but remind me never to do this again... It took me probably 20+ hours to sort through everything.

I'd like to give a bit of an honorable mention to these two pieces:
Because they had no clear relation to the forum, they didn't make the top 100, but they're both very high-quality pieces. I especially like the concept & execution of the first one.
546  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Billionaire vs Billionaire in the US 2020 Presidential Elections. on: November 26, 2019, 04:08:10 AM
He's a terrible candidate. Leftists hate him due to stuff like stop&frisk, his history with women, and the mere fact that he's a billionaire. Conservatives hate him due to stuff like confiscatory gun control, fixation on climate change, pro-choice policies, and weak-borders policies. He was super supportive of the Iraq war. The defining characteristic of Bloomberg's politics is that he's an authoritarian: he wants government to control every aspect of everyone's life. He's probably an even worse candidate than Hillary Clinton, both from a "good for the world" perspective and a political perspective.

Normally I'd write him off completely, but he does have an insane amount of money. He makes Trump look middle class. If he wins the primary or especially the presidency, it'll be 100% because of his money.

His campaign is totally unprecedented because of how late he's entered the race and because nobody's ever tried to run a campaign fueled by nothing but massive piles of cash like this before. (In 2016, Trump was significantly outfunded by Clinton.) So it's difficult to predict. But I tend to think that it'll fail completely, and he'll win zero delegates.
547  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest badge voting on: November 26, 2019, 03:35:24 AM
"5 art-contest-winner badges will be assigned to the winners of this voting" I never build thread for voting, there is any setting for max nvote ? isn't cool if set up as max 5 vote?

The number of votes allowed is unrelated to the number of winners. There could be 5 winners even if everyone was allowed only 1 vote.

I chose to allow any number of votes so that you can vote however you want: vote for just 1 person to give them the best chance of winning (but also the best chance of you completely wasting your vote), vote for your top half, vote for all but one that you especially dislike, etc.
548  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: November 26, 2019, 03:32:38 AM
BTC awards are sent!

There were so many good submissions. I easily could've listed 150 that I thought were quite good. (Which explains why I sent 9991 total merit rather than the 500 promised.) But I didn't want to split the award too much, so I limited it to 100 award-winners. In light of the quality and number of submissions, I also increased the total award to 1.07 BTC.

In judging these, it was a major detractor if the art didn't have much/any clear conceptual connection to the forum, and especially if someone looking at it wouldn't have any hope of guessing that it might've been created with the forum in mind. It pained me to exclude or significantly reduce the award-ranking of several excellent pieces of art due to this. Other than that, the ranking was basically down to my personal subjective opinion. In choosing winners, I am not saying that x art is definitively better than y art. There's room for everyone to be disappointed, including the highest-ranked BTC winners, who might've wanted less splitting of the award. But this competition was done just for fun, and I hope that everyone can be positive about the result.

The contest is over, thank you very much to everyone who participated! I was blown away at the number and quality of submissions.

I distributed a total of 9991 merit. Voting on badge-winners is underway. BTC winners are as follows:
Award tier 1
dannybrown: 0.07562500
1Dq: 0.07366071
summonerrk[1][2]: 0.07169643
Karmakid[1][2]: 0.06973214
nc50lc: 0.06776786
Meddzs: 0.06580357
RiseX: 0.06383929
horagames: 0.06187500
Award tier 2
mikhael: 0.01148529
sirazimuth: 0.01142201
crossabdd: 0.01135873
likehiro: 0.01129545
aoluain: 0.01123217
meliodas: 0.01116889
one21gals: 0.01110561
sujonali1819[1][2][3]: 0.01104234
goaldigger[1][2]: 0.01097906
kaicrypzen: 0.01091578
creep_o: 0.01085250
Icygreen: 0.01078922
cryptobaboon: 0.01072594
carlfebz2: 0.01066266
akhjob: 0.01059938
Mamaecrypto[1][2][3]: 0.01053610
Lucasgabd: 0.01047282
tweetious: 0.01040954
Oasisman[1][2]: 0.01034626
bharal07: 0.01028298
Quidat: 0.01021970
fiulpro: 0.01015642
axicron: 0.01009314
Kalemder: 0.01002986
Aleksey77: 0.00996658
GazetaBitcoin[1][2]: 0.00990330
ecnalubma: 0.00984002
rhomelmabini: 0.00977674
Debonaire217: 0.00971346
makrospex: 0.00965018
KTChampions: 0.00958690
rare_designer: 0.00952362
spike420211[1][2][3]: 0.00946034
geophphreigh: 0.00939706
Award tier 3
Foxpup: 0.00312931
hugeblack: 0.00311933
taufik123: 0.00310935
ZipReg: 0.00309936
Twentyonepaylots[1][2]: 0.00308938
DireWolfM14: 0.00307940
start the art[1][2]: 0.00306942
1btcdream: 0.00305944
Valjdek: 0.00304946
ice098: 0.00303947
cabalism13[1][2]: 0.00302949
DomingoX6: 0.00301951
cuo[1][2][3]: 0.00300953
rat03gopoh: 0.00299955
Bloodie44: 0.00298956
ibminer[1][2]: 0.00297958
Raja_MBZ: 0.00296960
yazher: 0.00295962
Darker45[1][2]: 0.00294964
C.R.Y.P.T.O: 0.00293966
sompitonov: 0.00292967
MissGrey: 0.00291969
yarelydiaz: 0.00290971
quest_777: 0.00289973
nomteck1: 0.00288975
sheenshane: 0.00287976
terizla[1][2]: 0.00286978
sashapan: 0.00285980
Corrosive: 0.00284982
TheShock: 0.00283984
alegotardo: 0.00282985
sedactoo+04: 0.00281987
ESG: 0.00280989
Kupid002: 0.00279991
manusiakarton[1][2]: 0.00278993
Pepelangelo: 0.00277995
Asterxylon: 0.00276996
DragonDance[1][2]: 0.00275998
dwyane36: 0.00275000
tyKiwanuka: 0.00274002
iwantapony: 0.00273004
yehestielsiburian: 0.00272005
ritaconscience[1][2]: 0.00271007
Ryker1: 0.00270009
akirasendo17: 0.00269011
Russlenat: 0.00268013
samcrypto: 0.00267015
Yatsan: 0.00266016
noorman0[1][2][3]: 0.00265018
zxs: 0.00264020
mosdesign: 0.00263022
lucky80: 0.00262024
madnessteat: 0.00261025
cryptoaddictchie[1][2]: 0.00260027
AicecreaME: 0.00259029
shodik007: 0.00258031
maxreish: 0.00257033
Husna QA: 0.00256034

Congrats to the winners, and thanks again to all participants!
549  Other / Meta / 10th anniversary art contest badge voting on: November 26, 2019, 01:56:06 AM
5 art-contest-winner badges will be assigned to the winners of this voting. The choices are the top 53 (50+3 due to a multi-way tie) users who received the most total merit in the art contest thread as of when I pulled these stats earlier today. Although this thread's poll will allow votes normally, I will in the end adjust the result in the following two ways: 1) only Member+ votes will count, where copper membership does not on its own count as Member; and 2) users who haven't made a post in the year between the time of this post and 1 year ago will not be counted. I'll post the adjusted results at the end. In case of a tie in the end, the candidate who at that time has more total merit in the art contest thread will win. In case of a tie there, I will assign an additional badge.

Below I have linked to the submissions of all of the choices. In general, the submission links are listed in order of most merit to least, though sometimes I separate submissions having a different "flavor" with a dash. Ideally, you should view them all and vote for those who you believe are worthy. You can vote for as many as you like, and you can change your vote.

Purely for aid of keeping track of who is who as you go through these, I gave each person a few words which quickly describes their highest-merited submission(s). Several people submitted things that I didn't describe and are very good.

Having gone through all of the submissions (often multiple times...), I'd say that the total merit received is only a rough guide on how good the submission is. So don't assume that only the first half of this list are any good, for example.

Corrosive - 402 merit - corrosion art
dannybrown - 358 merit - bitcointalk flash game
Yatsan - 298 merit - oil paintings
Caveat: neither painting in the first link below is original to the contest.
Kalemder - 274 merit - interactive gallery & videos
sirazimuth - 255 merit - commemorative round
1Dq - 245 merit - intricate cityscape
Caveat: the second link below is not original to the contest.
likehiro - 231 merit - moon block chain
taufik123 - 221 merit - madura carving
terizla - 221 merit - "squidward's art" & doodles
ZipReg - 212 merit - dash game
Caveat: the second link below is not original to the contest.
Basorexia - 193 merit - pokemon cards
geophphreigh - 188 merit - folded bolivar design
sujonali1819 - 188 merit - dot art
LoyceV - 182 merit - avatar collage & daughter's art
summonerrk - 177 merit - watercolors
Foxpup - 167 merit - NSFW fox
Mamaecrypto - 167 merit - watercolor at conference
sedactoo+04 - 166 merit - BTC logo on canvas
noorman0 - 163 merit - carvings
Rikafip - 160 merit - pizza
rare_designer - 156 merit - blockchain eden
Twentyonepaylots - 156 merit - god satoshi
ADAMA_NOW - 150 merit - educational video
Caveat: this is not original to the contest.
ecnalubma - 145 merit - bull/bear & various
sashapan - 143 merit - dress
Karmakid - 141 merit - satoshi with leaf hand
Michail1 - 136 merit - nixie tubes
cryptoaddictchie - 135 merit - intricate sketch
Oasisman - 133 merit - bull sketch
mosdesign - 130 merit - carved trophy
nomteck1 - 128 merit - 3D bitcointalk room
Darker45 - 127 merit - bubbles & sketches
ibminer - 124 merit - trophy & ship
webtricks - 122 merit - bitcointalk card creator
GreatArkansas - 121 merit - printout collage
Netto - 121 merit - lighter
Maus0728 - 120 merit - Dorian portrait
sheenshane - 120 merit - cake in hand drawing
start the art - 118 merit - abstract art & song
crossabdd - 116 merit - string art
goaldigger - 116 merit - doodles
otto_diesel - 115 merit - cake
Debonaire217 - 114 merit - arduino house
DireWolfM14 - 110 merit - coin design
Altcoinlog - 109 merit - paintings
axicron - 108 merit - night cityscape
creep_o - 108 merit - bowling
Laskoo - 108 merit - last supper caption
Caveat: this image was taken from elsewhere and then text added to it. The underlying image is not made by Laskoo or original to the contest.
rhomelmabini - 108 merit - superhero shadow
cabalism13 - 106 merit - bitcointalk city model
Cryptocables - 106 merit - rocket ticker
saiga31 - 106 merit - bull & pizza drawings
Yabes - 106 merit - sand drawing
550  Other / Meta / Re: Use of TOR Browser for Bitcointalk on: November 24, 2019, 10:38:58 PM
Is there any alternative to navigate anonymously as good as TOR?

Not really, Tor's the best there is currently. Someone could definitely make something much better, though.
551  Other / Meta / Re: Use of TOR Browser for Bitcointalk on: November 24, 2019, 09:56:14 PM
If you are worried about a three letter agency having the resources to be able to set up and maintain enough Tor entry guards that you are likely to use one (and enough Tor exit nodes to be able to deanonymize your traffic), then said agency is not going to be stopped by a $5 a month VPN provider.

That's not an assumption I'd necessarily make. With Tor, you're getting a "random" Tor node, weighted to favor high-bandwidth nodes and by other factors.  If you choose a VPN in a trustworthy country, with a trustworthy record, then that's potentially safer. Attacks to covertly fill Tor with attacker nodes have been done in the past (see section 5.1 for the most interesting info). Attackers don't need to get anywhere near filling Tor 50% with their nodes, since you pick random nodes all the time: just 2 attacker nodes can be enough, though with low probability.

Also, Tor is fundamentally a centralized network: you can't be a Tor node on the mainnet Tor network without the approval of the Tor directory authorities. The authorities are run by people associated with, and using rules largely set by, the Tor Project. I don't know if I really believe this, but considering how weak Tor is compared to the state-of-the-art research and how poorly-thought-out the Tor Project's overall strategy has tended to be, I've thought that Tor could be an incredibly subtle "controlled opposition" operation. It wouldn't be necessary to control every single person in the Project, just influence things enough to make progress in less important rather than more important directions, slightly bias directory authorities in sane-looking ways which actually help attackers, etc. (I admit that this is quite the conspiracy theory.)
552  Other / Politics & Society / Re: People are burning the banks in Iran right now on: November 24, 2019, 09:01:35 PM
they will just have to assassinate top level members of the Iran government and put people in place who are Pro US.

What're they going to do, drone-strike a few people, airdrop in some replacements from Washington, and expect those people to actually be able to lead? Iran has institutions. If the top 100 people in government are all killed on a single day (which won't happen...), there are thousands of people in the Iranian government who currently aspire to someday have those jobs, and who will at that point have the chance to take them.

In order to install a puppet government, the US would need massive popular support. The US hasn't even been able to install its puppet leader in Venezuela, which has much weaker institutions than Iran and a much more anti-government population.
553  Other / Meta / Re: Use of TOR Browser for Bitcointalk on: November 24, 2019, 08:09:22 PM

You -> VPN -> Dest is often better than nothing, but definitely can't be relied upon if you need actual anonymity. The VPN can see everything you do, the destinations can see that you always come from the same VPN, and you're probably leaving tons of other traces because you're not using Tor Browser. Note that this might in some cases be worse than nothing if you trust your VPN less than your ISP; for example, IMO Cloudflare's VPN is more likely to have its traffic analyzed en masse by the NSA than your native ISP's traffic.

You -> Tor -> Dest is better than just a VPN, but there are many known attacks which can be used against Tor, plus possible 0-days against the browser, so you can never feel 100% anonymous. Also, even if you treat Tor as perfect, it's really difficult to remain consistently anonymous; for example, you might via Tor use the same email address to order something shipped to you as you use to speak out against your oppressive government, and that's a link that can be exploited. Even though Tor is pretty flawed, being far behind state-of-the-art research, it's these non-Tor anonymity failures which almost always get people. This was the case for Ross Ulbricht, for example. As I always say: if you think that you're perfectly anonymous, then you're wrong. Think of even the best anonymity tech as a light bulletproof vest which will increase your survivability a bit, not as an impenetrable wall.

You -> VPN -> Tor -> Dest protects against certain attacks where Tor nodes are considered evil, but can totally screw you if your VPN is evil. It might make sense if you trust your VPN more than a random Tor node. The VPN acts similar to a Tor guard node in this case. In fact, it'd be most efficient if the VPN actually allowed you to use it as a fixed Tor guard node so that you don't have a useless extra node in the Tor circuit, but nobody does this.

You -> Tor -> VPN -> Dest is much worse than Tor alone because the VPN can link all of your traffic together, whereas with Tor you change your exit node constantly. (It's also difficult to actually accomplish because VPN software isn't usually set up to support this, and VPNs are often- & best-done over UDP, which Tor doesn't support.) What would be useful would be if you could pay via blinded bearer certificates for access to a whole constellation of exclusive paying-only Tor exit nodes, but nobody does this, either... Anonymity research is pretty immature, but actually-implemented anonymity tech is far behind even what is known to be possible.
554  Other / Politics & Society / Re: People are burning the banks in Iran right now on: November 23, 2019, 10:58:02 PM
IIRC, US has x4 the military manpower [apart from other military technologies] of Iran but a war between these two is going to be ugly for both.

Currently, the US population doesn't care about Iran one way or the other. The average American wouldn't be able to find Iran on a map, and most think due to the similar name that it's basically like Iraq. They're OK with attacks against Iran that don't have immediate consequences for the US. But once American soldiers start dying and/or military costs become truly ridiculous, the US population will demand an end to the war. Certainly the US wouldn't be able to draft its population to fight in Iran.

If a military objective can be accomplished in weeks, then the US could do it, since that'll be over before the American population notices. If a lot of Americans die, though, there will be significant political fallout for whoever orders the attack.

The only way a multi-year campaign could be done is if Iran perpetrates an attack against the US similar to Pearl Harbor (or if the US population is led to believe this). In this case, the US could conquer some territory, but it still doesn't have enough resources to take and hold large sections of Iran. And after a few years, the costs in lives and materials would pile up to the point where it'd lose any public support that it once had.

A US vs Iran war would be like Vietnam, but much worse for the US because Iran is a much stronger target. If the US's goal is to destroy a few cities or assassinate a few specific targets, it can definitely be done, but the US cannot conquer Iran without a lot of support from either allied countries or a substantial percentage of the Iranian population.
555  Other / Politics & Society / Re: PURE CRONYISM: .ORG Registry value pillaged by ICANN ex-CEO on: November 23, 2019, 10:27:40 PM
With Mozilla & Google now moving toward DNS over HTTPS, they could switch to a non-ICANN root zone, though that'd be pretty messy, sort of like a contentious hardfork of the DNS. I wonder if they've considered this, though.

I doubt that the .org registry will actually change anything except increasing prices.
556  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: November 22, 2019, 09:37:48 PM
Thanks to everyone who submitted art! I was blown away by both the number of submissions and the number of really good submissions!

I'm not sure that I'll be able to decide on winners today as I'd planned, though I'll try to do it within days. I want to carefully review about 300 of the best submissions. My current expectation is that as many as 100 people will receive some BTC, but a few will receive much more than the others.

For the badges, I think that I'm going to collect the top ~50 most-merited submissions and let the community vote on the winners from among them. But I'm not going to think much about the exact framework of this until I've determined the BTC winners.

Thanks again!
557  Other / Meta / The Bitcoin Forum is 10 years old! on: November 22, 2019, 06:04:28 PM
The Bitcoin Forum is 10 years old today! The forum, originally a part of, was created by Satoshi and Sirius in 2009, Bitcoin's infancy. In the first few years, the Bitcoin community was both incredibly small and concentrated almost entirely to this forum; by the end of 2010, there were only 995 users with any posts, and this was the Bitcoin ecosystem. I have fond memories of reading every single post anyone made in these early days: IIRC, it was only sometime in 2011 when I was forced to give this up due to the volume of posts. Over the course of 10 years, Bitcoin exploded, altcoins appeared, the community expanded beyond just this forum to a large degree, and an awful lot happened here on the forum. But we're still operated with much the same moderation philosophy as our first admins Satoshi and Sirius 10 years ago: create a "territory of freedom", and let humanity happen.

I'm honored to be your head administrator, but I'm only a tiny part of the forum. The forum is and has been a collaboration between thousands of people, including:
 - Posters, who make the forum a forum
 - Reporters, merit-givers, and scam-fighters, who make the forum (somewhat) sane
 - Moderators and admins of the past & present, who keep things running smoothly
 - Donors, sponsors, and advertisers of the past & present, who fund our operations
Thank you, everyone, for your continuing contributions to this legendary forum! Let's try to somehow make the next 10 years even more interesting than the last.

Also check out:
 - The community-generated list of notable posts over the forum's 10 years.
 - The 10th anniversary art contest, which received many incredible submissions. LoyceV created a page with the top-merited submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll create a separate post collecting the winning submissions once that's all figured out.
 - dannybrown's Bitcointalk game, an awesome interactive submission to the art contest.
 - 10th anniversary Coldkey.
558  Other / Meta / Re: [BCT FACT] Bitcointalk was originally on but ... drama on: November 22, 2019, 06:01:28 PM
@theymos What is Respect BTW  Huh

It was an SMF mod used here for only a short time as an experiment. IIRC, you could upvote/downvote users, but there were no effective limits/controls, so it was kind of meaningless.
559  Other / Meta / Re: Merit spree is underway. on: November 22, 2019, 05:54:12 PM
For anyone doing analysis: When someone makes multiple submissions, I consider the merit I've already given them when deciding how much merit to give later submissions. So if someone posts two submissions to which I'd normally give 50 merit, the second one will get less. Therefore, it'd be most accurate to consider my merit awards in terms of total per-person rather than per-submission.
560  Other / Meta / Re: [BCT FACT] Bitcointalk was originally on but ... drama on: November 22, 2019, 05:42:37 PM
Do we have any archive or something of the forum when it was running as or

You're on it. Nothing was changed except the URL/domain.
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