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521  Other / Meta / Re: How can we stimulate Bitcoin Talk? on: September 04, 2018, 05:27:25 AM
I've started an initiative to award merits on a different board each day for a week or so, and I'm starting with the political board. Is there a better use for my sMerit awarding time?
As well you spend merit only HQ quality post. Obviously it will motivate people if you spend your merit on different board. All merit source should that instead of merited on few specific board. Because most of genaral people much active some specific board. Some time we can see even there HQ and useful post but no one merited him. Btw, you did always motivational work and helping forum member's.
522  Other / Meta / Re: Why redirect on specific board after submit a report from patrol? on: September 04, 2018, 05:10:38 AM
I think this is just normal behavior of SMF. What you could do is hold CTRL + Click "report to moderator", and report it that way. Then you can just switch tabs once you've sent the report.  That's how I used to report anyway.

Yes it's working fine on pc. But most of time I am using mobile  Sad. However it's only temporary solution. But I think it will be more effective if redirect on parent page from where we started. I can't see any specific reason to redirect on board that post are reported from.
523  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Guidelines, how to spot a scam ICO & report effectively. on: September 04, 2018, 04:55:25 AM
If you found any kind of scam ICO please report it on Scam Accusation board by following above format. It will help us to save money.
524  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Scam exchange + ICO-Coinmonkey used fake team. on: September 04, 2018, 04:38:57 AM
Their answer

Here is our proof -

You can find Ilia Egorov in the employees list of the russian news site:
But for some reason CoinMonkey team didn't show Alex Nishakov whose personality has raise questions.
Alex Nishakov profiles:,

Fine , at least I am able to force them to come on live. I have marked resolved  1 case. But what about other person?
Social media link not enough to prove real. Why they are not come here to explain? I will edit OP. But still will remain   Alex Nishakov profiles. Let them answer.
525  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: SCAM.LEGAL - We can help you refund you money! on: September 04, 2018, 03:44:04 AM

Look like this is a another scam attempt. Lol.. Ok , let me let's start return with Ethconnect. This was well known ICO. Start refund process and post on bitcointalk. So whoever got scamed they can claim. They scamed total fund. So get return the fund to you and distribute among victims.
Do you think it's PayPal payment that you will make dispute for return. If you can do why not catch all the scammers. Just check scammer eth address you will get all the details. Refund it and distribute to people.

BTW what is your fee  ? and most importantly do you charge the fee upfront or accept escrow or you change fee a % the funds that are recovered/refunded ?
How you think it's free service ? Any lawyer will give you free service ? If you win case you should pay or if you lost the case you have to pay also. Anyhow a lawyer have earning. It's simple calculation.

Are you believe you will win ? Scammer have any identity? Bitcoin or eth address give you identity of scammer ? That's call blockchain technology. It's P2P transaction. Sender don't know who is receiver and receiver don't know who is sender. So how you will identify who is scammer. Especially exit scam. Which country from scammer no one can say. Than may OP will ask you money for traveling scammer country to catch scammer  Grin

As well you can see his OP title scam legal. This is the new type of scam I guess. OP will scam legally (IMO). Because obviously he will ask you for fee. Than he will tell you we lost the case eventually. So this kind of scam legal. You paying for a work. That's it. Archived thread for future. Perhaps OP favourite color red  Wink

I have noticed OP post a ANN  on multiple language. OP really multi language speaker?
I guess account is hacked or compromised. Acrived profile.
526  Other / Meta / Re: Possible Merit Source Abusing his Power Merit System on: September 03, 2018, 08:10:50 PM
Here is full merit history of paxmao :
Credit goes to LoyceV  Smiley

Btw, OP wrote a long history. It wasn't really necessary to made a large topic. And it's not belogns to meta without strong and valid reason to claim a merit source. However I saw his full merit history. Paxmao current merit is 314 only. My question is if he/she want to trade or abuse merit he can't get more merit from others ? Obviously he/she can. Also it's seems that he never merited with huge merit to someone, if I am not wrong. His most of spend merit amount is1. As well I don't know his native language no idea why he merit on post. But it's not a huge amount I think. I will not consider him/her merit abuse based on your thread. This isn't enough reason to claim a merit source. I have seen some ANN or bounty thread merited with 50 merit. So what you will consider that? An ANN or bounty thread can't be HQ post. Anyway according to admin merit isn't moderate by forum. You are free to use it.
527  Other / Beginners & Help / 🌍 Guidelines, how to spot a scam ICO & report effectively. ✔ on: September 03, 2018, 07:32:15 PM
I don't know if there other guidelines to spot scam ICO. I can't found appropriate topic. Anyway , everyone have own thought & and experience. I am going to share my thought and experience, How to spot a scam ICO . Also A simple search could save lot of money from ICO scammers .

As well everyone know what is ICO/crowd-sale. In short description, ICO or crowd-sale is the one of famous fund raising opportunity from people's.

I always care about some point before spot a scam ICO. I will describe below:

  • Domain Information:
Domain information is a important part to spot a scam ICO. A newly registered domain create many questions. If I found domain registration below one month, it's suspicious for me. I will consider it primary scam attempt. Because they just decide suddenly to launch an ICO for raise fund. It's not a good practice. If domain registered before 3 or 4 month, that means they have well planed from began.
However about domain registration, other point is owner identity. If there is no owner identity on domain information obviously there is risk involvement. That means they use a service to protect identity. Although most of ICO hide their identy, some of them are got success. It doesn't mean all ICO will be successful. So consider research about domain information before invest an ICO. You can use Whois website to find all information about domain.

  • Unprofessional Website Design:
A website design indicate about skill of developer team.  Very rare ICO's using unique design. They just simply buy a template and higher a cheap developer for modify template. Some time I surprised once I see a template sold more than 2K times, so how many template on the market ? And do you know how many coin listed on CMC ? Approx 1900+ only. So who bought too much template ? Answer is obvious scammer. I noticed some of ICO even never removed default logo from infographic chart. So , should I trust them ? Should I consider it a legit ICO? I don't think so. So always consider design professionalism before invest any ICO. If an ICO not have a experienced developer obviously their plane isn't fair.

  • Website Content Plagiarism/Stolen:
I don't know what about other's, but I found many ICO's plagiarized or copy paste from other. I consider it stolen content. Most of ICO doing that stigmatized work. It could be easily find if you are involved with ICO's. You can see almost ICO using similar content or same content to introduce themselves. If a team not able to write unique and something new about the project so how we can expect a good result from them ? Basically an legit ICO will never follow others. They should show their creativity on their project. It's not a story writing. Just copy content from any other successful ICO for encourage investors, obviously I will consider it a scam attempt.

  • Fake Developer/Core Team:
Fake team is the main problem now. It's spread like a virus. I called it fake viruses. Team & whitepaper is backbone of an ICO. If team if totally fake so what will happen ? Fake means stolen picture from other's, obviously a scammer team behind of every project. Using fake team it's clear proof of scam. I never compromised with fake team. If team aren't existing, how we expect a good result from any ICO? I don't think it's possible. If a team don't want to scam , so why they will hide their identity ? Stolen identity of their it's a good practice? Never, it couldn't  be fair. For me fake team is more dangerous from no team. Because is scammed by fake team claim will goes to others. If no team on the website that means investors aware about their absences. So it's depend on investors should be invest or not. If invest such as scam project, of course he deserve scam. Team can be identify easily. Just use by few online tools. I have a topic regarding how to find fake team. You can read it to know.
So please check team also carefully before invest on a ICO.

  • Plagiarism & Unprofessional Whitepaper:
As I mention above team and whitepaper is backbone of an ICO. So all the details about project should be reflect on the whitepaper. But most of ICO follow others whitepaper. It's not just guesses, I saw it practical. Direct copy paste from other whitepaper. But unfortunately they forgot to change token symbol in one point. So what does mean ? Obviously they copy paste from others. It's not very hard to find if you related with ICO. Because if you read all project's whitepaper than more easy to find plagiarism. Although there is some online tools to check plagiarism. It's very important subject to read whitepaper. Whitepaper will describe about their aim. Vision, roadmap, problem, solution, uses of token, block chain technology, Soft Cap, hard cap, token distribution, fund allocation etc every thing should be clear explanation on whitepaper. If they never explained briefly than it's indicate to scam. ICO means not just create a token and sold on market. There should be proper explanation about token & project.
So don't miss to read whitepaper before invest on ICO. Although personally I don't like to invest on ICO. But people's are doing that. However I never encourage you for invest on ICO personally. This topic just to spot scam ICO. So if you can spot any ICO that means you are safe huge fund.

  • Corrupted Roadmap:
May be you are thinking roadmap how could be corrupted. But it's really possible. Corrupted means meaningless roadmap. Some of roadmap you will find like a description with token distribution. Like development date, token deployment date, pre-sale date , ICO date etc. You don't think this is look like a corruption? I consider it's a corruption. Because no meaning of roadmap if there is no clear future plane. It's important how they are going to increase their token value. What is the future plan, it will on the roadmap. However check the roadmap it's actually worthy or not, or just copy paste from others.

  • Existing businesses:
It's also an important element of ICO. If any ICO project had a potential existing business that means there is a chance of success. Most of ICO hasn't any existing business and they try to raise found. Some are use fund for increase value of their token after ICO. But it's very rare, most of them are just skip with fund. As a result even token listed on exchange price will drop. So somehow you will get scam. Those project already had good platform for invest raised fund it's could consider pretty safe. But reality is no one can say who will skip with fund. It's depend on team mentality. We should check their background as much as possible.

  • No Real Concept:
What is concept ? Concept means a platform, which platform they are launching with ICO. For example, exchange , advertising , marketplace, gaming etc. If there is no clear concept obviously it's a scam indicator. Just create a website it doesn't mean they are legit or they are going to success. It's very important that how they are going to build their platform. It's look almost ICO using same concept. That's why scam are increasing on the market. We should look how interesting their concept. What is the different with others. What is new they are going to us. How we could benefited from their project except trading. If need get profit from trading than why we will by their token. How they are going to develop their concept. All the point we should check about their concept. Just match with concept, roadmap and whitepaper. If you find something wrong that means they are going to scam you. Or you will lose your money with them. Because most of ICO price drop after crowd-sale.
For example; I have a construction company and I need fund to expand it. I choose to raise fund by create an ICO, so how you are going to benefited from my project? So it's not a real concept for investors.

  • No Usage of Token:
When you are wishing to buy some ICO token than think how you will use it. Is there is any source to use their token? If not than I can't say it's a potential ICO. Use of token keep role to increase token value. If no purpose of use that token build for what? Only for trading on exchange ? It's really profitable for investors ? I don't think so, if no legit source of use for token means you will lose your fund. For example; if you can use a token for buy goods or services that means there is legit reason of use token. You might consider its a legit project.

  • Disharmonious Token Distribution:
Disharmonious Token Distribution means unfair distribution of token. Like 50% for public 25% for team it will lock for 2 years etc. However they just want to increase demand of their token, nothing else.  All raise fund with them so why team need reserve 25% and promising for lock. I don't think there is legit reason. Sure they will partially sale token after listed on exchange even they will not scam directly. One they will sale their token , price will automatically drop down.

  • Weak Community:
A strong community  is the key of success. Even for existing coin, always need strong community to support them. With out community a token is useless. Say, a token listed on exchange, but there is no community for trade it. So who will buy your token ? Community need before ICO and also after ICO. But maximum project never care about community after crowd-sale. You can check their media environment to guess how strong their community. Community real or fake. You need observe it. Also how is their social activity. Only way to build community is social media. So you can gusses what is going on.

  • Breaking Own Made Rules:
Every ICO have some promising rules, terms and condition. If they break their own made rules it's not a good sign for ICO. Rules breaking create a unexpected situation. Most of investor will disappointed due to breaking rules. For example; after raised some fund they start drama, like update whitepaper, roadmap, terms and condition, KYC etc. I had experienced some of ICO increased total supply. Really it is not a good practices.

  • No Repositories:
In most of ICO's you will see they mention open source repositories. Means they should have source for save all data include code that would accessible publicly. The most uses open source repositories is Github. It's especially for developers, they will save all the details there. But unfortunately you will not find the Github link on most of ICO. It's the clear sign of that they are not meet the minimum requirement to launch an ICO. No blockchain  developer on their team. They just higher some cheap developer to build website and deployed token.

  • No Technological Explanation:
An ICO should have technological explanation how projects are related with blockchain technology. Read the whitepaper, check how they present blockchain technology explanation there. Should be care about combination of projects and blockchain. How they are going to keep role to improve blockchain technology. If they just describe only about their project, and there is no appropriate discussion about blockchain technology, that means they never have enough knowledge about blockchain.

  • High Return Promises:
No doubts they are going to scam you if you see high return investment plan on their ICO. Did you think how they are going to pay you? It's called ponzi scheme. I think no need much explanation about high return. Just pay attention on Bitconnect (BCC).

  • No Real Dev's Profile link:
Take a look on team profile link especially LinkedIn before investing. Most of scammer never use any profile link. Some of them create fake profile. You can see newly created and not much connection there. Also scammer able to create all kind of social profile. So check profile history deeply.

  • Fake Partnership:
Most of ICO mention fake partnership. Sometime I can't stop laugh when I see some one use also google as a partner. Lol.. However its little difficult to verify partnership. But not impossible.  

  • Highlights Fake Database:
Most of ICO's highlight fake database. Like first day of launch got 10K participant. Do you believe it ? Some ICO will show 5/10 million raised in one day or 2 day. Don't believe them. I don't think its possible. Remember all the data editable from admin panel include progress bar. So don't trust blindly.

  • Bad Promotional Strategy:
Must look on promotional strategy before invest on ICO. Scammer will find easy and shortcut promotional way. Best example is Bitcointalk, always will try to use bumping service and spamming their link. You can see result on SEO rank also, how recognize SEO rank. Check visitor from website traffic checker , like Alexa. You will get some information how popular they are.

  • Greedy Offers:
Mostly scam ICO use greedy offers. Like pay for bumping ANN, pay for positive comment on social media, pay for voting on exchange, pay for positive rating on ICO listing site. Some of them will offer 200% to 500% bonus. Its not good sign and its make more suspicious.

  • No Reputation on social media/crypto forum:
If you see peoples shouting scam scam on social media of any ICO, stay away. There should reason why people shouting as a scam. Try to find what is wrong. Check the activity of team how they are active. Most of team hire social media managers. Try to contact with core team and ask your question. Scammer always will try to avoid much question. They will not give you appropriate answer.

  • Mixing Token Name With Existing Coin:
Especially I feel worry if I see connect with any token. Like Bitconnect, Ethconnect, Liteconnect, Neoconnect, EosGas, etc. Really terrible name for me. Scammer always choose a well reputed name to encourage peoples for invest their project. So they just mix a name with well reputed existing coin. So if you see something like this remember it , they are really not connected with any existing coin unless there is official ann from existing coin.      

  • No Clear Explanation use of raised fund:
It's important that raised fund how are going to use. How they are going to improve their project on future. They should have proper fund allocation and explanation. Really raised fund use only for team? So what about investor ? How they are going to bring their token/coin on top position? So look a time on their fund allocation.

  • Discrepant Hard Cap / Soft Cap:
Every project have promising hard cap and soft cap. Read details on whitepaper about hard cap and soft cap. If you see more than 30% soft cap target and more than 70% hard cap target its discrepant for me. I have no idea if any ICO return fund due to not reach on soft cap.  

  • Discrepant Total Supply:
Check the total supply. Some of ICO total supply very low, like 5M. They want attract peoples by demand. They try to show their token is low and their demand is high. Some ICO total supply more tan Billion, they offer you cheap price. For me both is discrepant total supply. More than 100M I will not consider this is a good ICO. Too much supply means dump after ICO.

  • Low Quality Smart Contract:
Although I am not a developer but I match smart contract with well known open source smart contract those are already establish on market. There is different smart contract writer. Even for 10$ you will able to deploy token (by hire). So there is not much good result you can expect. If you find wrong, that means core team not able to write smart contract.

  • Email Spamming:
Just say, you never register on ICO, but you are continue receiving spam mail from them. So what does it mean? I have experience, I still receiving this kind of mail. That means scammer bought mail list from other or they hacked other server or they already scammed you by other website. So avoid if you find this kind of behaviors.

  • Low Security:
Before register check their website how safe for you. They are using SSL or not, although its cheap but it will protect your personal information. Check also others security as much as possible.

However I just share what is on my mind and how I spot scam ICO. I can't give any guaranty who will scam. Someone asked me how I spot scam ICO, that's why thought create this topic.
Apologize for broken English. If you found anything wrong here or you want to add any option, let me know. I will glad to modify it.

  • Free Airdrop Trap:
This is the most common scam indication. Not only indication they will scam your MyEtherwallet. They announce greedy airdrop offer. Then they will ask something like KYC and eventually will ask for sign a massege from your MyEtherwallet. Unfortunately they will provide you a phishing link of MyEtherwallet. If you am here your password, means within few minutes your wallet will empty.  I have a post regarding this scam. I am the proof myself. But I never enter my private key before I check my address bar. So must be careful from this kind of scam. No doubt they will scam you. This is the trap of scam your wallet. Perhaos few ICO could repeat it.

Report a scam ICO effectively  
There is a Scam Report Format on pin post. I believe it was created to report scammer of forum members. Its not look like much appropriate for report a scam ICO. However I has created a format below, everyone free to use if want.

Accusations Formats of Scam ICO

Preview of Scam Report format for ICO:
[b]ICO Name:[/b]
[b]Scammer Website:[/b]
[b]Archived Website:[/b]
[b]ICO status:[/b] (Exit / Live / upcoming  )
[b]Bitcointalk Profile:[/b]
[b]ANN Tread:[/b]
[b]Archived ANN:[/b]
[b]Bounty Thread :[/b]
[b]Archived Bounty:[/b]
[b]Valid Reason of Accusation:[/b]

[b]Describe briefly about accusation with solid proof: [/b]

[b]Source links :[/b]

[b]Linkedln/profile Link of team with name:[/b]

[b]Domain Information[/b]:

Preview of Scam Report format for ICO
ICO Name:
Scammer Website:
Archived Website:
ICO status: (Exit / Live / upcoming  )
Bitcointalk Profile:
ANN Tread:
Archived ANN:
Bounty Thread :
Archived Bounty:
Valid Reason of Accusation:

Describe briefly about accusation with solid proof/image/screenshots :

Source links:

Linkedln/profile Link of team with name:

Domain Information:

528  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: 🔴Pure Scam "XeonFrame" ICO with fake team. Stay away from it and save money🔴 on: September 03, 2018, 04:45:45 AM
This is the result if fake team. They already exit with raised fund. Website keep online to raise more  Grin. All social media deactivated and telegram group has been deleted. Some time some scammer supporter try to defence fake team. I want to show them this ICO. Fake team means there is 99.99 % chance of scam. So why not avoid risk ? I think we can help investor  by exposing fake team.
529  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: 🔴 Ongoing Scam ICO list. " EOSGAS SCAM". Be aware. Update: 01/09/18 🔴 on: September 03, 2018, 02:49:07 AM
Update with coinmonkey
530  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: ♻️Do you need 1 merit become member from Jr. member? I would like to help you. on: September 02, 2018, 07:56:34 PM
Thread is locked.
531  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Plasmium - Fake Team on: September 02, 2018, 07:03:55 PM
Its look valid accusation to me. Fake team means began of scam. Scammer was tagged by me , due to busy I was't able to participate on discussion. Btw, you are doing good job. Keep it up.

I've come to not trust any of these "teams".  I don't know from what part of the world they come from (looks like China or a nearby country), but wherever it is scamming seems to be ingrained in their culture.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was China, since they fake and counterfeit things and have no hesitation about doing so.

Good catch.

Nice to see you are start tagging ICO scammer lately . Since scam isn't moderate by forum, I think we can reduced by trust system. Currently except marlboroza I can't see other DT is active here. suchmoon was active but recently I can't see much on this board. May be busy on personal life (IMO) However I tagged all scammer with fake team, although there is no value of my tag.

Recently no ICO want to come with real team. There is two reason, They are well planed scammer  or they worried about raise fund. Mostly are well planed scammed.

Edit: Look like they (CEO) had change profile picture from LinkedIn profile. Its clear CEO is fake ; obviously Photoshoped picture 

Source link:
532  Other / Meta / Re: I've just awarded this guy with 3 merits on: September 02, 2018, 05:10:45 PM
Not only that guy, many people unable to earn merit due to posting on mega thread. Although someone make quality post on mega thread no merit source or reputed member's will visit it. So there is very low chance to earn merit. On the other hand, after joined this forum maximum people's become busy with bounty rest are busy with increase activity. However very low people think about merit from beginnings. Most of them just think about earning money though it's not wrong. But everywhere need skill for earn in the world. So this forum isn't different. A person can not be equal from all side. Whatever we have skill we should share around the forum. Earn knowledge and distribute it. So I believe they will earn merit automatically. No need begging or asking someone for help. It's true that really not easy to earn merit. But it's not impossible.

The problem isn't making money in this forum, but the way that you make the money.

Strongly agree with this point. To be honest more than 90% members are earning from this forum. But the way id different each other.
533  Other / Meta / Re: [RUPL] Ranking-Up Pipe Line of Forum Members on: September 02, 2018, 02:30:39 PM
I will give him two sMerits and you can give the last one.

BTW I still remembered who ranked up me from the Jr. Member level to Member level Smiley

Done, Zapo now a full member. Anyway thanks for remember me. I was forgot  Wink. Just now working memory  Grin You doing also good job. Best of luck.
534  Other / Meta / Re: 3 connected accounts (1 of them found plagiarism). How about ban all of them? on: September 02, 2018, 01:52:14 PM
I wanna ask, do you consider it plagiarism if a thread like copied and pasted phrases in a article even the poster put the sources below?
Example this thread:

I've checked the sources and the poster copied and pasted almost all of the content of that thread and a user named Welsh gave 10 merits to this post....

Welsh is a merit source and staff. Poster had added all the source link bottom of post. So it will not consider a plagiarism. If you added reference/ source link you can copy a part from there, if there is no restriction from your source.

33. This includes both copying parts or the entirety of other users' posts or threads and copying content from external sources (e.g. other websites) and passing it as your own.

User didn't pass his own, because he has added all reference link.

Kindly move your thread on Reputation board from lower left. It's not belongs to Meta.
535  Other / Meta / Re: [RUPL] Ranking-Up Pipe Line of Forum Members on: September 02, 2018, 01:37:30 PM
I think Zapo deserve full member rank. His current merit status 97. More 3 merit need to become Full member as well he have enough activity. Perhaps you can update your list. Eventually I can say he is doing good job to prevent signeture spam.

For reference  Wink
Regardless of who you are I want to thank you for actually doing your job on this campaign. You're pretty much one of the only new campaign managers that is doing what they should and vetting users beforehand. If everyone did this then the forum wouldn't be in such the state it is. Keep up the good work.
536  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Bangladeshi ICO- BITCOINMAX - scratched team picture distorted name on: September 02, 2018, 12:28:12 PM
Please anyone from DT force them to answer here by tagged. Their presale is live. There is a chance to loss fund innocent people. I had already tagged. Also update their ANN and airdrop. But still people participating, although they deserve scam  Grin. I surprised only 4 day they have 34 page on their airdrop thread  Roll Eyes. All the accounts are newbie how is that possible.  Roll Eyes
537  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: 🐵 [ANN] BitMonk 🔥 *!PRESALE STARTED!* Money Back Guarantee! [MN/POS/POW] on: September 02, 2018, 09:52:03 AM
This is a scam exchange/ICO with fake team. Stay away from it.

What happed: Fake Team
ANN thread:
Profile link:;u=1339363



ALEX NISHAKOV= Vladimir Gandelsman

Photo source :

This is ILIA YEGOROV, unable to find original name due to group photo. It's look clear they collected photo from above picture. They use photo protection script on their website so no one can copy or download any picture. I don't know exactly what name of the script or plugin.
Photo source

Appropiate answer expected from team to mark this post resolve.

538  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam exchange + ICO-Coinmonkey used fake team. on: September 02, 2018, 09:44:56 AM
What happed: Fake Team
ANN thread:
Profile link:;u=1339363



ALEX NISHAKOV= Vladimir Gandelsman

Photo source :

ILIA YEGOROV,  case Resolved due to he came on YouTube video.
ALEX NISHAKOV still remain, so I can't mark total post resolve. Let them answer here.


They have money back guaranty on their ANN Thread so why not use escrow service like coinpayment.
Appropiate answer expected from team to mark this post resolve.
539  Economy / Scam Accusations / Most used ICO template for exposed scam on 2018. on: September 02, 2018, 06:44:40 AM
This is the most used template for scam o  2018. You can see only more than 2K sales this template. It's created on 20 January 2018. Within 8 months it's sold 2k times Shocked .

Details you can see here :

Most cheapest ico template supplier is themeforest. Starting from $10 up to $59 maximum. It's not really cheapest ? I don't think it will cost more than $500 for develop a complete website for ICO distribution. I can bet. Token can deployed by only aprrox 4$ ( depend on gas fee). So any one just create a website and launch ICO with fake team Wink. But many scam are already exposed.  Grin

Btw, is you see this template on any ICO please check deeply everything especially team and whitepaper.
540  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is going to delisted from bittrex on 14 September 2018. on: September 02, 2018, 06:05:12 AM
Bittrex announced they are going to delisted Bitcoin Gold (BTG). From beginning there was a rumor about BTG isn't fork of Bitcoin and it's not supported by Bitcoin community. Look like it was true. It's not good reputation if is a coin delist from a well reputed exchange. For confirmation simply visit : . They already noticed BTG traders. Already Alt coin market is dump.  After delist from bittrex BTG will more dump. For me BTG is a shit coin. BTG team already scamed huge amount. They will not care about whatever delited from exchange.

I think it will be better sold your BTG if you are a holder.
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