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621  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Is Bitcoin required to pay taxes? on: August 31, 2018, 07:56:48 PM
Well, even though Bitcoin can be used like money, But Bitcoin is not considered a legal currency or payment instrument by the IRS or other countries. Instead, they consider Bitcoin to be a private property, such as gold or stocks.

For example, In 2014, the IRS stated the value of Bitcoin for US tax purposes is a fair market value in US dollars on the date it was received. Each transaction fee is added to the Bitcoin base. Unless you are in the business of buying or selling Bitcoin, they are capital assets. Your profit when you use it is taxed with the level of capital gains.

Im still not sure if this is the case or not. I have been told both ways, so I don't know who to believe. Also this varies wildly throught jurisdictions, it's really very complex, which incentives people to just hold it, since we don't know what to expect.

For instance in the case of signature campaigns, I have been told that I don't need to report or pay anything until it is converted into fiat, then it's paid as capital gains.

At the same time other people told me that you are supposed to report it and it will be taxed as income gains.

The only thing I know is that I don't want to be the guy in which governments test things upon. So I will simply wait and see for this to be a more common event and have some solid evidence of what to expect and be ready for it, since I need to get all of my transactions assorted, right now it's a big mess, I need to figure out everything, and I have definitely lost some trading history on some exchanges which may be a problem in the future.. I really hate that.
622  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Lost trading history on: August 31, 2018, 07:41:52 PM
As BitHodler mentioned, you wouldn't normally need to "prove" anything, unless you're being audited. And if you're being audited, the important thing is that your withdrawals (BTC that eventually makes its way to fiat exchanges) reconcile with what you report.

In this case, all you can really do is make a good faith effort to report correctly, based on your recollection and withdrawals. Anyway, your trading history is literally wiped out, so it's not like Livecoin could prove you wrong, right? Wink

The problem is that governments often couldn't care less if you couldn't be proved wrong because there is no evidence. If they demand records and you don't have it, you could be in trouble.. hence why now im hesitant to ever sell coins whose origin is not really clear anymore because of situations like this one where you have lost partial or total records.

From what I've read, and in regards to US law, that's not really true. One of the only facts in this case is your provable income. That's what tax authorities base cases on. If you make a good faith effort to pay taxes on your provable income, there are no facts that can be used against you (in a court of law or otherwise).

I'm not sure where you are, but here, the IRS isn't particularly interested in the origin. They only have jurisdiction over the tax code. And they're probably not very interested regardless if you're income is 5-figures to low 6-figures. If you send a BTC output to an exchange and sell the proceeds, then pay the requisite taxes on the capital gains, the IRS has no reason or evidence to claim you owe additional taxes.* I'm not sure what kind of totalitarian regime you might live under, though?

* They are analyzing the blockchain, though. So I would keep that in mind if you're trying to keep some of your stash off the radar.

I think it's delusional to claim they don't care about the origin, otherwise people would be selling illegal stuff on the darknet and then putting it into some exchange, making some gains and reporting it as capital gains.

Let's say you put 1 BTC in some exchange, and this BTC was made with signature campaign posting for instance, across a couple of years or so. You then x100 that in some exchange, and then you put your 100 BTC back into your Bitcoin Core wallet or whatever.

In 5 years Bitcoin goes past $100k, so you are sitting on 10 $million now, and you want to buy a million dollar house. When you cash out this million, they will obviously ask where the money came from.

You may have screenshots and whatever proving you got paid to post in some internet forum, but then, if you lost your altcoin trading history in the exchange, you cannot prove how you made this BTC go x100.

How this isn't a problem?
623  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto on: August 31, 2018, 07:27:58 PM
We all know that Dorian was the real one. Wink

Honestly, I'd prefer it to be Hal. At least he's dead and won't have to participate in this clash of egos. I think it would be better for everyone if the real Satoshi remained a mystery. As for Craig he's so full of shit. He wants people to see him as a smart guy with that PhD, but would a smart guy pose as someone else? Wait, that PhD is in theology! He studied the biggest lie in history for so long that he became a pathological liar.

Oh wow, that picture always gets me lol. You can't really make this shit up, he is such a clown. Even satoshi posting had his own egotrip moments like when he said "I don't need to convince you" or something like that, that was the most Craig-y stuff he said, but the Craig persona it's just ridiculously over the top.

He also mentioned how most people wouldn't run nodes and so on. But at the same time he predicted people would be against big blocks. He did not predict mining pools and other things.

It could be satoshi and it turns he is completely the opposite we expected in real life, and as we know satoshi was wrong about many things (or acted as if he didn't knew the outcome), but most likely he isn't. He feels very much like someone hired to do a job, trying to get a cult following behind. He is also very narcissistic and flashy, I think they tried to cater for the Trump fanboys, since they realized how much internet traffic they move, of course it didn't work because he is seen as a fool by most.

Overall, he remains a joke. If he moved satoshi's coins, I would still not believe it anyway, it would just prove Dave Kleiman was either satoshi or involved within the early days. That, or whoever hired Craig to act as satoshi, got satoshi's keys.
624  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BitPico throwing down against Roger Ver on: August 31, 2018, 07:10:55 PM
Upon further research, turns out that there is actual discrepancies between Roger Ver and Craig Stephen Wright. This has many rammifications, including how these big twitter megaphones aren't no longer shouting for the same fork.

Craig will create Bitcoin SV client, and Roger Ver apparently is done with Craig and his nChain stuff, meaning that Ver will support Bitcoin ABC.

If Jihan also supports ABC, it means that Jihan will mine this fork while Craig's miners will point to Bitcoin SV.

The fun part is that due the changed EDA there is no "blockchain death spiral" of sorts, which means all these forks will keep on going, so Bitcoin Cash will have a ton of diluted forkchains as time goes on.

Big clusterfuck ahead for cashiers.
625  Other / Meta / Re: Is anyone having error 504? on: August 31, 2018, 06:28:19 PM
The copies would need to be encrypted kind of like freenet style, and it decrypts as you log in.. the passes could be hashes that check in the blockchain so it's like keeping your private keys from bitcoin safe... just throwing in some ideas.

It could probably be done but im not a good enough coder to actually get it working. I would wait until we have sidechains, I don't really see people throwing in electricity for a PoW that only servers this forum, we need to take advantage of the BTC blockchain hashrate.

Too complicated so for now we'll have to deal with the ddosers the oldschool way.

I could probably do quite a bit of the signatures stuff. The transmission would be what I struggle with though but that could already be sampled from the regular core.
As for the proof of work, that would be done whn you post, each post is a block and y'all get the score (or it could even be each topic is a block, you download the block, sign your new block, verify the entire block after checking the signatures of all the transactions/posts inside of that block/thread)...

Interesting take on it, but im not sure about post per block, even thread per block, I mean, as with everything in life, it is prone to exploits, in this case people could just spam the fuck out of it, I mean this forum is pretty fast paced already, so I have my doubts this would work out well. Perhaps more advanced members would have their "blocks" mined with a priority.. merit could act as a "fee" of sorts? im not sure, there are some good angles to research in the field of decentralizing a forum and protecting it against ddos. But then, if it becomes too complicated for noobs to get started and posting, someone else may just attack the niche with a classic forum and get traffic away from deflecting users of this forum in current form, ranking better in Google and then ending in ad revenue loss... very hard to balance things out here.
626  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bill Cosby buys 750 BTC on: August 31, 2018, 03:32:07 PM
Hollywood is a scam industry. They show nonsense in 2 hours movie and earn $20 million. Same as Bitcoin $400 to $6000.

Some $40,000,000,000,000 has been invested in Gold over past 100 years and Gold gives 15% profit in one year. Just like businesses and jobs where people are the producers and hard workers.

Actually Bitcoin is hub for scammers and criminals. Central banks has rejected Bitcoin as high risk asset

Are you the 77th iteration of kwukduck perhaps? Funny how your only task in the forum is say how bitcoin is a scam and gold is awesome. May some r0ach alt?  Tongue

Anyway, isn't it obvious how dumb it would have been for cosby to buy gold instead of bitcoin? i mean this is the perfect example. He wants to protect his wealth from confiscation and you are telling him to buy gold?

For the record, this is how $6 million worth of gold looks like:

Good luck moving that around when you need to.

Funnily enough, that picture is from this news piece:

Could this have happened if he was moving his millions in BTC? exactly. Please assume already that bitcoin is better than gold in most departments.

PS: If he is really guilty he should pay, this is only theoretical in demonstrating bitcoin's strenght against confiscation, for bad or for good reasons.

Nontheless, why I should believe all of these women were really raped? probably there is some truth there, im not defending Cosby and I think he is a rapist, but as with all celebrity cases like these, there are a bunch of opportunists too. Im sure at least some of these demanding $millions are fake, so a % of these fake accusations could be saved with bitcoin. Some background info:

Table of accusers' allegations

Cosby has been accused by 60 women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, or other sexual misconduct. There were also two instances of alleged child sexual abuse, both involving girls 15 years of age. The earliest alleged incidents took place in the mid-1960s, with the rest scattered all the way until the latest in 2008.

Cosby attorney Marty Singer stated, “There is virtually no standard by which the media are holding Mr Cosby’s accusers.” “Anyone and everyone who wants to file a suit or get on television can be guaranteed fawning coverage. The very same media have demonstrated an unconscionable disinterest in the veracity of his accusers and their motives." Media accounts cite examples such as accuser Chelen Lasha and her attorney, Gloria Allred; Lasha accused Cosby of sexual assault in a televised press conference with Allred on December 3, where Allred demanded Cosby pay $100 million in damages for Lasha and other alleged victims. Public records show that Lasha has a criminal history going back to at least 1988, including a guilty plea for filing a false report to police.

Cosby has maintained his innocence and repeatedly denied the allegations. In November 2014, in response to a question about the allegations, Cosby said: "I don't talk about it".[4] Cosby has declined to discuss publicly the accusations in past interviews.[5] However, he told Florida Today, "people shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos".[5] In May 2015 he said, "I have been in this business 52 years and I've never seen anything like this. Reality is a situation and I can't speak."[6]

Well it seems that everyone is now looking forward to BItcoin. This announces the future of the Bitcoin and potentiality of crypto market in future. I hope he gets a good return at his old age

LOL you're joking, right? I hope that he loses his private keys or something.
He should be in prison for what he's done to his victims, if you read about what he has done exactly, you'd probably think the same.

You can't ban him from buying Bitcoin of course, but it's not really good advertising either...

See post above.
627  Economy / Economics / Re: What should we focus on more? Demand or Supply? on: August 31, 2018, 03:20:18 PM
Very true.

It should not just be over by hodling it.
Invite others although there is much negativity about crypto currencies. Just making them aware might give them that spark to look at it deeply.
With that, they may see the positive feature of crypto currencies specially bitcoin.

It would be lovely if it happens. But some are discouraged because they are rejected or worse they are being mocked by those traditional fial believers.

You cannot create a demand artificially, at least us a community. Maybe TPTB can create artificial demands, but there's nothing we regular people can do about other regular people not wanting to use bitcoin to buy their groceries or whatnot.

There has to be a perfect storm for that to happen. People need a genuine incentive to do so. And right now this incentive is simple not there in most cases within the 1st world. Perhaps in other countries they find bitcoin as the only way to do any commerce, but here in the developed world, people aren't looking for an alternative, it doesn't even cross their mind, they just get paid in fiat and buy in fiat, and having to buy some other currency to buy something (and paying trading fees + transaction fees) is simply nonsense for them.

So only when this perfect storm happens (say, devaluation of fiat currencies becomes so obvious even to the average joe, end of physical cash.. etc) it will be used for daily purchases.

Until then it is a store of value that anyone smart enough to read the fundamentals will see as a crucial hold on their portfolios.
628  Economy / Economics / Re: What should we focus on more? Demand or Supply? on: August 30, 2018, 06:41:17 PM
I see a lot of people that are hoarding 100% of their bitcoins, because they believe cutting off the supply, would be enough to increase the price. <mostly speculators>

Would it not be better, if we increased the demand by increasing Bitcoin awareness and convincing more merchants to offer Bitcoin payments?

A 100% hoarding strategy is more harmful, because it cancels all the good work that was done to get merchants to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. A merchant will stop accepting Bitcoin, if their is no demand or transactions being generated for their business from the Bitcoin payment side.

We should actively encourage local merchants to start accepting bitcoins and then we should start supporting them. <No matter how low the price is>

Just buy back the bitcoins that you spend and you will be fine or use money that you would not have hoarded and buy the goods or service with bitcoins. <So when the price increase, you will not have regrets that you spend those coins>

Adopt a 80% hoarding and 20% spending strategy and we will see a massive increase in Bitcoin adoption <Merchants & Bitcoin users >  Cool 

There is no incentive for most people to use bitcoin to make payments that could have been made perfectly fine with fiat, without losing your bitcoin position.

Why would people want to use bitcoin, something scarce and limited in amount, to buy stuff, stuff which could be perfectly bought with fiat, so you lose the easy money (fiat) while saving up the hard money (bitcoin)?

I don't see bitcoin being integrated within economic activity anytime soon. There would need to be a catalyst for that, like the governments banning physical cash so people are forced to look for alternatives, and bitcoin would be the best one, so there we would see a rise in goods and services being sold for bitcoin under the radar.

But until then most people are simply going to keep using bitcoin as a better gold, not as a fiat replacement. You don't see people paying with gold in shops, yet gold is worth 7+ trillion. So that's a potential 7 trillion dollar market there without necessarily being used as a common way to make payments. Will the day of common BTC payments come? only the future will tell.
629  Economy / Speculation / Re: How high will BTC dominance go? on: August 30, 2018, 05:43:25 PM
BTC dominance seems to continue creeping on upwards. How high do you think it will go without an actual bull run?
And how high have you seen it go?

The bitcoin dominance index has pretty much hung around 70-90% for the majority of its life, before the bull market of 2016-2017 that saw a lot of smaller projects, ICOs, and altcoins enter into the space of cryptocurrency.

I think that as long as these crypto projects attracts investors, bitcoin dominance will remain low. However, within the bear market where interest in the market is quite low, it wouldn't be surprising if it went as high as 60-70%, without a bull market.

I don't think that bitcoin dominance really has anything to do with how bitcoin is performing, though. It's about how much hype is around new projects. I do think that in the long run, we'll see a gradual return of bitcoin dominance to its previous highs, as people start to realize how pointless most of these new projects entering are.

Exactly, bitcoin dominance doesn`t mean much, it`s just a marketcap crap. Anyone can make some token, blow the price up and rise market cap, in the same time lower bitcoin dominance. What people should look is trading volume, bitcoin is on top everywhere, while some tokens have daily trading volume couple thousand dollars. Its not a game changer if dominance rise or drop, I don`t know who pay attention on that. I don`t know can anyone find more info about that statistic somewhere else or just on coinmarketcap site. And who knows history of that site knows that they have been accused for messing with numbers couple times in the past.

Unfortunately people seem to be paying a lot of attention to this indicator, and if a lot of people pay attention to an indicator, it eventually becomes a relevant one because behind a lot of people there is a lot of money. Even if we are talking noobs playing with mom's payday to trade altcoins against bitcoin, the sum of it all is a respectable amount, there are a lot of people trying to find the next x1000'er. And im sure there is people with a lot of money that also fall within this group. Having a lot of money doesn't mean they suddenly know where to invest.

As with everything in life, most lose, but as long as the hope is there, there will be money in altcoin market and the indicator will be below 80% (where it should be naturally)

A good article on the dominance indicator and why it's so wrong:
630  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Superspace: Scaling Bitcoin Beyond SegWit on: August 30, 2018, 05:26:11 PM
Im looking forward to another additional 12 to 24 months of drama comming from the so called community, so called devs, and miners alike, mixed with the big twitter megaphone guys trying to step in with so called "X place agreements" again.

I don't think we'll ever see another softfork similar to segwit. We somehow got segwit in and it seems to be working, but some still question that it is safe and always will (and have good arguments to think so)

The amount of controversy needed to get segwit in was incredibly insane. You would need to have a package of updates so good that it can be done again, and perhaps not without another round of transaction backlog either organic or spammed again.

I think no matter how good ideas are, unless bitcoin is pushed to its limits and this idea is presented as an acceptable solution by many relevant parties, we will not see further updates, definitely coming by way of hardfork, and very doubtfully by controversial softforks.
631  Economy / Speculation / Re: $ 5,800 is the lowest threshold for Bitcoin in 2018! on: August 30, 2018, 03:33:31 PM
Yes, tether and Bitmain never let bitcoin drop under 5000$. When Bitcoin approaching 5500$ tether immediately print 100kk-300kk$....

So what of the price falls when Tether was issued too? It's not a one way street by any means. A lot of the time nothing happens at all.

I don't really buy the absolute bottom has been reached. There's still a vast amount of joke shit that's insanely overvalued. Either that means we're taking a breather before a bigger bubble kicks off or we're still treading water before further falls begin.

I ain't popping any champagne corks yet.

I like the idea that all the noobs must hate bitcoin before we can call a proper bottom. Right now the price may still be too high for noobs to hate bitcoin. Perhaps we really need to go sub-3000 for this to happen. Once noobs are flushed the market will bottom for good.

But who is to say really, maybe the miner theory is legit and that $5k range is the true bottom, also would align within less pessimistic TA lines. I can't count both scenarios out of the picture.

Pick your favorite. I would personally save 50% of cash in case we dip further, and if I didn't had BTC I would be buying right now without gambling any further in hopes of a perfect price entry point which could never arrive.
632  Other / Meta / Re: Is anyone having error 504? on: August 30, 2018, 02:33:08 PM
Apparently there is a new .onion format that is very improved and works faster. But still, all the encryption and so on will always make things slower than clearnet. So this default slowness will make things as bad when ddos'd or even worse (even if ddossed have a harder time ddossing, it will still be effective)
Tor runs quite quickly on my computer.
My internet history is very long on firefox so when I put it to connect through tor it doesn't slow down very much.

The solution is most likely a blockchain based forum. Perhaps with sidechains somehow we can use BTC's blockchain to host a forum? who knows. I just hope it doesn't require javascript. Cloudfare forces javascript and then add the google catpcha. Not good.
I don't think theymos likes to hand out copies of the forum (as it opens up the potential for the site to gain phishing attempts).
The login stuff would still need to be done by the loginserver otherwise there would be a lot of issues (unless we get masternodes that moderators and legendaries can have which can allow users to autehnticate their way onto the website)...
All of the core devs also seem to have ditched bitcointalk so I'm not sure how kindly they'd take to a suggestion of hosting it.

The copies would need to be encrypted kind of like freenet style, and it decrypts as you log in.. the passes could be hashes that check in the blockchain so it's like keeping your private keys from bitcoin safe... just throwing in some ideas.

It could probably be done but im not a good enough coder to actually get it working. I would wait until we have sidechains, I don't really see people throwing in electricity for a PoW that only servers this forum, we need to take advantage of the BTC blockchain hashrate.

Too complicated so for now we'll have to deal with the ddosers the oldschool way.
633  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Block Size Scalability Issues on: August 30, 2018, 02:12:54 PM
We need massive amounts of settlement tx's on-chain, when people open & close channels on the Lightning Network and the price of a bitcoin must grow exponentially for miners to be profitable.  Undecided

With a big user base who is transacting daily on the LN, there will be enough on-chain transactions.
And if not, the fees for the on-chain transactions will be low enough for users to be attracted by on-chain tx's again.
I believe this will find an equilibrium.

The price does only have to grow exponentially if the miner do want to keep increasing the hashrate.
If mining gets unprofitable, the miner with the highest costs and lowest capital will stop mining and vice versa. This should also find an equilibrium.

I don't know why but people often forget that on-chain transactions will continue happening every 10 minutes, without LN.

These that can afford on-chain transactions and see a point in doing them (most likely for bigger transactions that require it to be on-chain) will always find a good opportunity cost to use it and thus keep paying miners.

As usage goes up fees goes up, miners happy, hashrate goes up, users happy due safer blockchain. It's a nice snowball effect.

We all would like to be able to transact instant, cheaply on-chain without no sequences but apparently physics don't work that way, for now either pay the fee or use LN.
634  Economy / Speculation / Re: When do goldbugs give up? on: August 30, 2018, 01:46:49 PM
Please stop denying gold isn't any less manipulated than Bitcoin

Gold is naturally distributed over millions of years.   How could it be manipulated in its source when its a purely natural element.    Do the figures reported year by year get a human bias of course but the major point to gold is that its not really under the control of anyone.

Bitcoin has a hard time arguing with that as its obviously evolved out of direct human engineering.  However its maturing and has come a long way and is the most distributed of all the crypto currencies as I understand it.   I'd still think gold is far more a natural market then Bitcoin.

Obviously I mean the actual presentation and clearance of the resource in both cases.   No point arguing about virtual certificates for Gold or BTC.    The market price for gold does not match up, I agree with that.  China is the worlds largest producer, it does not export gold and it does not report properly so we dont have a price available in FIAT thats accurate for gold probably ditto USD is a mess.
  Until gold is in every day exchange for goods into billions as a currency I think its mostly estimated.    Obviously BTC price is largely decided by speculation more then trade.   The actual gold resource itself in the ground is fairly evenly distributed though

"The actual gold resource itself in the ground is fairly evenly distributed though"

How do you know this? do you have any data on the "initial gold distribution" before the gold rush craze began? I wonder how a map like that would look like before and after.

I seriously doubt it happened to be evenly distributed. Even if it was, you still needed the tools to mine it. So the guy that already had power also known as resources, would have trucks, big drills and so on, so he would quickly establish a monopoly on the local goldmines. The guy that didn't have nothing but their hands and perhaps a hammer and a shovel tops couldn't compete.

Of course you can't argue that gold's "settings" are more natural than bitcoin (someone had to manually input the initial settings of bitcoin after all), but at the end of the day you have to be pragmatic, and bitcoin seems way more useful than gold for reasons already explained in previous posts.

Bitcoin is also the only coin that grew organically, without get rich quick expectations of altcoins.
635  Other / Meta / Re: Is anyone having error 504? on: August 30, 2018, 12:10:17 PM
It might be easier to make a dark web sersion of this site (.onion) so that we can access it during ddos attacks although I'm not sure whether that would work very well (having two instances of the same software/systems).

.onion is even worse for DDoS attacks because the clients are all anonymous, so you can't ban abusive IPs. That's why I haven't created a .onion, even though it would be very easy to do.

Tor needs to address this somehow. I've mentioned some ideas in the past.

Ahh, I thought that the .onion versions of sites are generally a bit stronger as people are then limited to the speeds that tor can function at, meaning people that are further away from the DDoSers should be less affected by it (although I'm probably wrong).

And yes but I sense they're unlikely to do major updates of the system anytime soon, which is a shame, they'd also then have to start tracking people somewhat...

Apparently there is a new .onion format that is very improved and works faster. But still, all the encryption and so on will always make things slower than clearnet. So this default slowness will make things as bad when ddos'd or even worse (even if ddossed have a harder time ddossing, it will still be effective)

Also the problem that theymos mentioned of unbanned IP's.

The solution is most likely a blockchain based forum. Perhaps with sidechains somehow we can use BTC's blockchain to host a forum? who knows. I just hope it doesn't require javascript. Cloudfare forces javascript and then add the google catpcha. Not good.
636  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin price after another ETF rejection by US SEC on: August 30, 2018, 01:26:55 AM
In the coming months, they are   9 ETFs are there for approval awaiting from US SEC hopefully we can expect a positive outcome from Sec re-approval thought

If you aren't psychologically ready to take another 9 ETF rejections by the SEC then you aren't going to do well in bitcoin. The only way to keep a strong hand and don't do anything stupid is if you stop expecting that the ETF will ever pass. Assume the SEC doesn't have an incentive to pass it and move on with your life, bitcoin will do well without the ETF, hard money always wins in the end, the ETF passing would only speed up the rocket.

Now, im not saying it's impossible, im just saying people that come into bitcoin expecting it to happen are missing the big picture and will end up losing money.

As far as realistic timelines, perhaps 2020 and beyond, but some point to 2019, personally like I said before, im ready to assume it never happens.
637  Economy / Speculation / Re: How many consumers own cryptocurrency? on: August 30, 2018, 12:41:59 AM
While I believe it's delusional to think "most people" are exchanging their local fiat for bitcoin, it's also a mistake to use localbitcoins for accurate measurements anymore. Honestly the site sucks, there are way too many honeypots. I would be scared to use the damn thing at this point, unfortunately at least in my case, the fear of being victim of a honeypot has given me yet another reason to not even sell small amounts to help paying some bills in there, so I just hold.

If I was in Turkey I would try to find some local ads elsewhere or in forums, look for people selling, or if using localbitcoins then be super sure that it's not some cop getting paid to wreck people's life that are just trying to save their wealth from disappearing.

Ideally the end goal is that they realize going back into fiat will cost them more than holding. It is then when some may start working under the radar in exchange of BTC, selling goods for BTC and so on, instead of going through the hassle of going BTC to fiat back and forth.
638  Economy / Speculation / Re: When do goldbugs give up? on: August 29, 2018, 11:20:49 PM
And what about this:

Please stop denying gold isn't any less manipulated than Bitcoin

Tinfoil hat, aliasing error, delusional nonsense. The peak and decline in gold began because of the start of the strong dollar-short vortex and the rise of the DJIA on its way to 26000 (and ultimately 40,000) as Armstrong correctly predicted back in 2011 and 2012 (despite @realr0ach's lies and cherry picking blogs out-of-context). It was a simple international capital flows phenomenon. There was and is no long-term manipulation of the gold price. You guys don't seem to understand anything about the entropy.

Remember it was @realr0ach stating back in 2016 that Armstrong was going to be incorrect about a rising DJIA and strong dollar. Well he ate his words and lost 4000% of this relative value by selling BTC for silver in October 2016. And now he is going to double-down on that mistake and lose another 1000%, to bring himself into the destitute class of -40,000% relative loses over a span of 5 years or so.

The following exponential trend of Bitcoin is undeniable because it is being adopted as the NWO international reserve currency: (see chart on the linked page)

James A. Donald (aka "Jim", first person to communicate with Satoshi on the mailing list where Bitcoin was first announced) recently explained this adoption pattern well:

For a long time the big demand for crypto currency has been wealthy Chinese evading currency controls, but with the recent crackdown on hate speech, we are seeing massive American and European demand, which directly resulted in the recent spike in crypto currency values.

Another substantial source of demand for crypto currency, which has been around since the beginning, is buying steroids and suchlike over the internet, but the really huge move in crypto currency demand came during the recent crackdown on political activists.

My point was that there are way too many coincidences out there when it comes to futures and charts beginning a decline from all time highs. See:

 Roll Eyes

The fundamental analysis of anonymint (dollar short vortex, NWO stuff, armstrong stuff and so on..) is not incompatible with the possibility of they using futures to manipulate assets. At the end of the day we are all theorizing here with whatever info we have, because I doubt any of us has any insider info. So we all on a tinfoil hat party trying to make the best of what info do we have at reach.

At the end of the day we conclude that Bitcoin is the long term winner anyway.
639  Other / Meta / Re: Is anyone having error 504? on: August 29, 2018, 11:15:03 PM
I wonder who are the no-lifers always attacking this forum. Perhaps they are Roger Ver related? they want to see this forum dead so bad so he can get all the traffic into his bitcoin dot com forum, similar to how he wants the bitcoin subreddit dead so traffic is sent to the btc subredddit, or ideally, taking control of it.

You always have to be alert because they will keep trying. As far as todays ddos, it has ruined any chances of me using the forum today, specially with Tor, the nodes were struggling, wereas in clearnet you had a chance to browse it in insanely slow mode.
640  Other / Meta / Re: Merit for Satoshi Nakamoto on: August 29, 2018, 01:37:33 AM
I understand that for nostalgic or historical purpose one would want to show up in there after giving him some merit, but to be frank.. it is a bit of waste of merit. There's nothing wrong with giving satoshi a small symbolic amount, but giving him 100 points? 100 points of sMerit are so hard to get. He will never come back, these points should be better off given to people that are actively posting and giving this forum newer content.

Personally I always forget that the merit system even exists and always forget to give merit to posts i've liked, but If I was paying to the merit system I wouldn't be giving big amounts to people that haven't posted in 5+ years.
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