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1  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Interest? 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused on: September 11, 2019, 03:42:02 AM
Thanks minerjones, appreciate the offer, but I think I will hang on to these. If nothing else, they have some great memories for me, and silver is up! haha

I hope all of you have a great day / evening / night, and thanks for your input.
2  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Interest? 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused on: September 08, 2019, 03:05:28 AM
Umm, I am not sure why this is a question. The first 50 are silver.
I am not even going to debate, or prove anything, I do not need to sell JACK. I was doing this as a way to give back something I am not going to use or honor any longer because I exited UNO at a substantial gain a couple of years ago.

Now, any questions or statements regarding plated or silver please, take it somewhere else.

Anyone who wants these silver bars please let me know.

If no interest I am happy to keep them.

3  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: WTS a variety of miners, power supplies, cables, bo boards, etc, a few S9 14 on: September 08, 2019, 03:00:58 AM
This is me on my cellphone account. If you can't sell them I will take them. Just pm philipma1957 we can cut a deal.

4  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Interest? 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused on: September 07, 2019, 01:39:02 PM
Not sure, searched forums but didn't find anything all the way back to the original selling post. One thread was a WTS to auction, but I do not ever see an auction so the guy must have made a deal.
I do not know what the others are going for... What is a good starting number? 1k EA, 500? 250?
5  Economy / Collectibles / Interest? 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused on: September 07, 2019, 01:31:33 PM
WTS 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused

Must escrow with someone I know from my old days who is still around. I'm sure OGN is still kicking!

6  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: BITMAIN.COM Everything Discounted 25 % on: September 07, 2019, 12:35:51 PM
This was a huge gesture by OP! Hats off

I did not see a reply where the end user received the miner? Not enough time?
7  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: WTS a variety of miners, power supplies, cables, bo boards, etc, a few S9 14 on: September 07, 2019, 12:20:38 PM
I have a few as in 3 or 4 fully functional S9 units I am happy to post recent screenshots from me firing them back up tonight.

which is it? 3 or 4?
which hash rate are these s9's running at?
and if you do have 4, how much for all 4? no psu's needed

1 EA S9 running with 3 hash boards at 612 Freq, can run higher, I adjusted down for heat. Average 12,955 GHs
1 EA S9 running with 2 hash boards at 612 Freq, can run higher, " ", Average 8,644 GHs
1 EA S9 running with 3 Hash boards at 625 Freq, Average, can run higher, Average 13,460 GHs

I thought I had one more, and if we get close to a deal I will check deeper and provide any specifications needed for any unit.

I'm a straight up kind of guy, always laying my hand out for everyone to see. I just want to move these out of my home because I need the space, but at the same time I am involved in manufacturing, customer service, and mainly technical support. In that vein I know exactly what it means to receive a product with issues. If there are any issues we will address them, I do not leave people hanging. Every unit will be powered up if it hasn't already been, tested, screen-shotted and ran until required power down for shipping, cleaned, and off to you. We can preset values mining to your account, again if serious.

Thanks for your interest.

I neglected to address your question of price... My apologies. I have not even read through the pricing threads here to see what people are asking. I have not checked E-bay, I have no clue. Did I mention I don't hold my cards close? I am offering this product so traditionally I should propose a starting price...
Anyone care to tell me what they think one is worth while I ponder and investigate?

I see them going for $350 with basic PSU so $300 no PSU seems like a good spot. Say $750 for those three as they are. I'm confident I will be corrected on many variables by someone ;P
I would like to keep it simple so I will add that shipping is from Oklahoma, US, receiver pays shipping, and please be in the US or Canada if you are only purchasing the S9s.

8  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS a variety of miners, power supplies, cables, bo boards, etc, a few S9 14 on: September 07, 2019, 04:20:57 AM
I have not been around much lately but I have stayed in crypto all along in other ways. Now I need the mining space for a new project and it is a free for all on old miners!
Serious inquiries only please.
I have a few as in 3 or 4 fully functional S9 units I am happy to post recent screenshots from me firing them back up tonight.
I also have a variety of S5, S3, S3+ and look out the SP20 OMG!
I'm serious, and do not call me shirley...

I believe I will have a few references about. I'm assuming Phil will still stand up, maybe handle any escrow needs? I prefer Phil but will do my best to accomodate.

There are many 'I's in the above statements so anyone who is serious in a bunch of older, fully-functional equipment let me know.
I also have very nice fuse protection, professional 240V power cables for the double stack 2000 PSUs with some of sidehack and the other boards. I have the original 2880 PSUs with their original breakout boards.

Some or most should go in a museum, and I am happy to donate some or most to one, especially a non-profit Smiley

My apologies for not mentioning OGNasty as a potential escrow. He has handled a few transactions in an excellent manner for me over many years, although a few years back. Everything was always excellent. I also purchased products from him and never had anything but great service.
9  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [75+PH] KanoPool 0.9% PPLNS US,DE,SG,JP,NL,NYA 🐈 on: August 06, 2017, 01:10:30 PM
Regarding BitCH.

Firstly and most obviously, I wont be giving the pool wallet private keys to anyone.
It seems there are some scammers around asking for the private keys from various people to get at the BCH ... but ... obviously ... if you give a private key to someone, they also have access to your BTC wallet address forever ... yeah that would be a stupid thing to do.

Secondly, this is a BTC pool, not a BCH pool, and although I doubt theymos is correct saying that BCH is insecure and might allow others to steal your bitcoin,
I'm not having the pool wallet go anywhere near a BCH wallet any time in the near future.

Consider any BCH that you didn't control in the manner that was clearly pointed out in many places in bitcoin, in your own wallet, as gone.
If, due to some armageddon in the dark distant future, I close the pool and check if there's any BCH, well yep I guess I'll have made some BCH also, which I expect will be worthless by then anyway Tongue

No I'm not going to risk the pool's BTC wallet, so don't ask.

This is what has always made this pool and kept my attention.
Straight talk and answers...transparency.
Regardless of who does or does not like the message, at least it isn't hiding behind a wall of s00n and to the m00n or I didn't mean it that way, etc

10  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTB/WTT] Antminer S5 boards or whole miners on: April 22, 2017, 11:56:40 AM
I am in need of S5 miners for chip harvesting. I will trade one GekkoScience 2Pac USB stick (up to 35GH with a stout enough hub) for an S5 hashboard in fair condition. Entire miners (fans, heatsinks, what have you) I'd take for cash or trade which includes credit on a forthcoming 8xBM1384 pod miner good for about 100GH/35W up to 140GH/60W.

If you're looking to clean your closet, let me know. I require many.

PM forthcoming
11  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [25+PH] Kano CKPool 0.9% PPLNS US,DE,SG,JP,NL,NYA on: December 31, 2016, 11:40:31 PM

Kano, I've been lurking (which is normal as of late) and have not made an opportunity to thank you for throwing BTC to us miners here at KANO.IS
That was a fantastic, unpredictable, and an unprecedented method to do so (to my knowledge). Sure pools run contests and offer bonuses to block finders, but simply giving back to the pool miners is great and yet another reason to mine here.

Happy New Year to everyone!

12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Bitmain's Released Antminer S9, World's First 16nm Miner Ready to Order on: December 27, 2016, 04:42:39 AM
Since when is Sidehack repairing s9 hash boards?

I read it a few posts up:

Well if I have a failed hash board I'm going to send mine to sidehack for repair service.
13  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Bitmain's Released Antminer S9, World's First 16nm Miner Ready to Order on: December 26, 2016, 10:56:45 PM
Another experience here regarding S9 repairs.

Out of five S9 units I have been through five hash board repairs and one IO / control board replacement.
I used bitmainwarranty for various reasons, but mainly because of the time involved. My longest repair took two weeks.
The pricing was $175 +$25 shipping three times, $132 including $25 shipping once, and $150 plus $25 shipping once.
I purchased the IO and control boards and did the replacement myself on that issue.

Odd thing is two of the S9 units I have purchased were from a great forum member who can mention his name if he wants and four of the hash board repairs were from those two units. All have been ran in the exact same environment and I know this forum member takes great care of his equipment. He provides a great deal of advice and reviews here. Simply luck of the draw for me.

What I hope to see is the S9 be around for much longer than the past generations. We went through a period with S5s where you couldn't buy them for less than Bitmains list and Bitmain even went dry for a long time before the S7 was released so difficulty was much more controlled. I am not expecting the difficulty to be reigned in the way it was but the lifespan of a miner should exceed 8 months.

What I am getting at here is the 14/16 nm process. I expect to see Bitmain release new models, make improvements in various areas, etc, but I do not expect to see another die shrink anytime soon. If more effort is put into tweaking S9 performance we may be able to squeeze much longer life.

When you see an S9 hashboard providing approximately 4TH each it can put the competition in a different perspective. Truly price what you have gotten from your S9 experience against the competition and you may find the 6TH, etc much more cost effective, IE Avalon. Personally, Avalon didn't sit well with me by not accepting BTC as a payment option. This is our business and a company in this field refusing BTC as payment starts to rub the "principle" side the wrong way. However, I have been beaten to hell much less rubbed the wrong way by Bitmain China so many times I can certainly stand to be RUBBED wrong in one way or another from some competition.

The S9 failure rate is completely unacceptable and I have not purchased another one. I am selling and will continue to sell everything except the S9s, my PSUs, some spare parts and cables. I plan to keep mining and am looking for an opportunity to purchase a bulk order. I have been attempting to find something worth putting a significant amount of cash in for almost a year now. I wanted to purchase x00 S9s when they were released and thank everything good I was ignored by Bitmain. If I had ended up with the same failure rate % you all would be sick of reading my complaining by now. When I tried to discuss the purchase via e-mail,  no answer. The Avalons price per TH was too much but it is time I should revisit that price.

Now it appears we have a couple of sources and Sidehack will have offerings on something with a decent amount of hashrate. That is the single reason I have held my S3 and S5 miners. I knew IF sidehack was able to get chips he has the ability to put a retro kit out and there is one thing I have zero doubts about and that is sidehack addressing a warranty situation. He does so the same way I treat my customers. The old saying above and beyond applies to his business and this is not words, this has been my personal experience with products purchased from him. I have always looked at how I can give sidehack money and couldn't be more excited to lurk in his threads regarding progress. I believe he has the ability, knowledge, and resources to pull in as needed if / when he reaches a position to scale up quickly. Myself and several others with electrical experience from basic to advanced have offered to drive over and help.

My parents generation was the Vietnam war, not WW II, but that generation still believed in taking pride in your work and looking towards a future with your customer base. Basic business models in this type of industry has proven time and time again that a small investment in customer service and support now pays huge dividends over the lifetime of your company.

Basically Bitmain have turned so many of their customer relationships into a vengeful type of "I buy from you because I do not have another choice." It has been and still is a long time coming but I can actually see the landscape changing. We will eventually have other choices. I was "first in line" to buy the S7 and S9. Unless I have another choice I will probably still purchase whatever next gen is released, but, I do it because it is what is available. Now, I do want to say my experience with bitmainwarranty in Colorado has been good. I have previously stated I firmly believe there are people working through that site who get it, but are controlled by policies put in place by the CEO in China and he cares about his existing largest accounts who are repeat customers.

In that vein I firmly do not believe the cheerleaders or fan boys who will not have a mature conversation regarding bitmain current failures. Do not take my comment wrong. I know there are people who have purchased bitmain products over the years who either have not experienced issues or, have been through what they consider to be good experiences with an issue. However, failing to recognize issues which continue to plague many of us and only cheering for Bitmain simply shows me how worthless ANY opinions put forth by such a person are not worth reading, much less a new miner trusting. People have expectations when purchasing certain equipment and electronic devices costing upwards of $2,000.00 should come with excellent support, turn-around time, optional cross-shipping, explanations of repairs, used parts marked and openly noted as used, etc I would never send a used part to a customer without first discussing it with them.

At least we are able to have the S9 hash boards "repaired." If I had known sidehack was repairing these I would have been discussing it with him. It isn't that bitmainwarranty in Colorado have sent me back unrepaired boards but for the price and the lack of details not to mention what sidehack does for this community I believe more of us should find ways to support his endeavours.

Good Luck to all of the home miners. Just since my short time of mining since 2014 so many people have departed. Hopefully many are still involved in various ways. The price of coin is nice and I hope it at least holds around $850 but I fear another drop as I recall the $190s and spent way too many coins around that price range. If I'd only held everything I made in 2015 rather than going all in on S7s  I would be at a much higher P/L ratio.
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Bitmain's Released Antminer S9, World's First 16nm Miner Ready to Order on: December 11, 2016, 01:52:33 AM

Thanks for your feedback. I like to hear this positive news.
I hope others follow your lead and chime in as well.
15  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [30+PH] Kano CKPool 0.9% PPLNS US,DE,SG,JP,NL on: December 11, 2016, 01:41:51 AM
I guess there were less txns available (less than) 6s after the previous block.
I'm running -ck's recent changes that should always fill the block if possible (though it's now twice as long to do block changes with 0.13.0)
Oh, yeah also, that restart about 11 hours ago was about pointing ckpool at (what is now) a faster bitcoind.
So it didn't pick up the payout transactions.
Sorry about that - they'll be in the next block.

I stopped renting hash mainly from what I learned here coupled with my own "bad luck"
It isn't as though I consistently rented a large amount, but for the times I rented it was either long term small amounts, IE a couple of weeks at a time, or 1 - 2 PH on the solo pool for a day or two and unfortunately never solved a block. It seemed like others were having good success, especially when people were putting money in a pot, kind of liek the one Phil ran. Obviously more hash was less variance. I dropped ____hash first, but within a month or so I dropped Mrr as well. I will say Mrr is a better service imo. Regardless, it isn't going to hurt my feelings a bit to block all rental hash for a long term test.

In that same breath I still mine here and plan to continue mining here because no matter what I believe Kano and CK make great decisions, think about the larger picture, and in general continue to runt he best pools available. People who have left or people who join for a few days or weeks and complain about payouts still haven't picked up a good understanding of the landscape. Even during this pools worst months it still is better in the long run than any other pools. Coupled with the political decisions I cannot see a better place to be.

Speaking of political decisions I saw a tweet stating segwit support was stuck at 2x% and is not gaining. To which I say good for today and I am sincerely not looking for a debate regarding segwit. I am fairly well-versed with it and have been following the details on and off for several months, at least since the original IRC chats were posted. It is an interesting patch which is more complicated than what is required.
My simple preference would be for the network to be setup to accept any size block with the pool operators determining what size they use. Pool operators = miners. The sooner everyone understands the pool operators = miners and therefore are the voices which should be heard in this debate the sooner decisions are made and we can move on.  

I am not saying that this method would be the most simple thing int he world to introduce but the few people I have spoken with who understand way more than I regarding changing the block size tell me it would not be difficult at all to code, the difficulties would be with the people running full nodes. To which I say then allow the people willing to run full nodes with ALL blocks to do so, and the people who cannot or do not wish to do so use an SPV type version for those blocks over X size.
Obviously that would also require a flag so people can decide if they wish to trust those "SPV" nodes, but it isn't as if we do not already live with so many pools doing some type of SPV mining and there is not a herd of core programmers jumping on that situation. My understanding is it isn't even viewed as an issue by most of them, or they are scared of the people running those "biggest" pools.

One thing in bitcoin, alt coins, or sincerely life in general is so many people are COMPLETELY naive regarding how these issues are impacting them today, have been affecting them, and how it will cause problems in the future. Further people do not think their voice matters. When some see the blockchain mampool full and cannot get a transaction to go through for a decent amount they get pissed off, but not much more. From day one if a bitcoin transaction is important to me I don't quibble about the fee. I make damn sure and throw a couple of bucks at it. No, I shouldn't have to do so, and no, that is not going to help the problem but it accomplishes what I need which is to make sure that purchase goes through. I also talk with people and do other things in an attempt to promote a solution.

I am not interested in ever seeing a hardfork of the type we have been hearing of, but dammit why haven't we seen something simple yet elegant in place which gives miners (pool operators) more control in the form of these types of decisions?
I think the answer is because that would mean less control for Blockstream, and less income potential for the lightning network. I feel like miners are intentionally being held back. Now again, many are not seeing the impact of those programming choices today because we are indeed seeing the transaction fees in our payouts. How easily and quickly this can change. By quickly I do not mean in one day, I mean over the course of the next few months to a year or more.

Bitcoin cannot turn into an ALT coin. I do not mean classic, unlimited or any other name such as that as I think alternative clients are fantastic and welcome more. Obviously I am happy with the way this pool is being run. I welcome competition in our bitcoin clients. Come on in, the water is warm. This does not mean I am in support of them, but it is nice to think there are people recognizing the core programmers may be promoting decisions which are not in the interest of miners. However, those people may not be doing what is best for us either. Be wary of everyone touting a new client. Obviously people, well, are people, and selfish. Bitcoin is designed to handle selfishness and as miners we are supposed to be, it is what keeps us honest. It is when that carrot on the end of the stick is ever so slowly taken away that the real issues will arise.

I feel like the core programming team / Blockstream have become similar to the US Congress. There is so much back door and fat baked into the block size issue they feel any change must do more than solve the current issue while maintaining the original, intended reward structure.

To me this is simple and I do not mean to oversimplify but it does seem extremely simple.  Do not support over-complicated bloat which seems to attack every software project early in life. I for one do not want to see yet another version of bitcoin and another proposed block size solution except one which gives the decision to the right people, the pool operators and by proxy the miners.

... and Kano if you catch someone block withholding we should make a big deal about it. It is one thing if it is a regular miner here who rents a bit of hash and that rental causes the issue but it is a completely different thing if it is a company and we had a similar situation to what happened at Slush. Those guys were big enough to know better, and I fully believed they did know through their experience with the pool they had issues with and were caught before moving to slush. If you find someone like that we should tar and feather them with an example made for everyone to see. You support harming a pool (other miners) or you support harming our network the least of which should occur is a social exorcism including some form of bounty to do whatever can legally be done to make sure those responsible are not only DOXXed but never mine where good people mine again.

In our Bitcoin world the only thing lower than block withholding (stealing) is making changes to the bitcoin core code which are not for the betterment of the community but the betterment of a few. I have zero doubts both are happening, but I hope only the latter is happening to us and I am confident the former will be corrected if it is occurring.

16  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Bitmain's Released Antminer S9, World's First 16nm Miner Ready to Order on: December 11, 2016, 12:38:57 AM
I thought the boards would be 1 2 3 left to right or right to left.
Not the case. Seems they can be in any order.
For me it is trial and error to find sick or dead boards.
Dead boards are easier, little red light is out.
When they are sick the red light is still on. So I pull hash cables one at a time and restart until the sick board goes away.

I have spent quite some time troubleshooting only a few dead boards myself. While I have had only a few boards go dead I will say that the few I have tried to fix had no rhyme or reason to the fixes. The order of boards to I/O is weird.

I took pictures of the one I troubleshot yesterday. I will try to get them up in a post with a step by step for others. I know you guys know how to troubleshoot to a hash board, using ther LED, etc but it sure might make life easier for others just getting into a situation to have a 1,2,3 approach.

What do you guys think? Is it worth the time? Please give me your thoughts before I go to all the trouble of cleaning up all the pictures I took.

Something along the lines of:
A. When viewing the miner from the back we will call the hash boards from right to left board 1, 2, 3. (back meaning facing the exhaust fan)

B. When viewing the miner from the back we will call the connectors on the Bitmain I/O board from right to left J1, J2, J3, and so on. (back still means facing the exhaust fan.)

C. If you see channels 2 and 4 functioning in the miner user interface (in my case) hash board 1 was the one at fault. Hash board 1 was connected to J1 on the IO board.

I can state these things now because I took the time to disconnect power from each hash board, repower the unit, and note which channel shows activity. To further troubleshoot all possible scenarios I also connected the power and cable going to the IO board from a hashboard which was functioning correctly.
So using a different cable, a different connection point on the IO board where a known good hashboard ran, and the PCIe power connections from a known functioning hash board and I have a board which still never shows up in the GUI.

Once I am this far I remove the board from the unit and take it to the bench for further testing, some of which must be under power so be prepared for such to move on. I use many steps from the posts I quoted in my last post in this thread above. I am not going to put those in a hash board step by step at this point as there are too many variables and I feel if someone has the ability to troubleshoot at that level we have a different discussion.

What concerns me is (as you guys have mentioned) the hash board which fails doesn't show (or not show) as a consistent chain in the GUI. This may be why I was unable to simply be sure if the hash board is connected to J1, then it is always the board on the right. (When facing the exhaust fan) It sounds like you guys are saying it is indeed not always the same channel which appears and therefore just because it is connected to J1 it may not be the board on the right.

Please confirm I understand, and also I appreciate your and others input on if you think this is useful along with your experience on which hash board fails versus which channel was "missing" in the GUI.

I know we do not hear people talk when everything is running great but that is another point I think many people would enjoy hearing. Regarding the last three S9 batches, or lets say any purchases within the last 3 months, has anyone had any failures?

If people could share their personal experience it would be a great help. Say, I purchased 4 miners and I had one board failure, or I purchased 14 miners and had zero failures.

For people with several or zero failures are you performing any regular maintenance, how are your miners setup, what are your ambient and operating temperatures, what type of power supply are you using and any other details you would be willing to share.

I look forward to your replies.


Edit 1:
I deal with ESD scenarios quite a bit in my day job. The equipment I work with creates a great deal of high frequency noise in normal use and we must use components which are isolated against such and determine ways to further isolate the equipment - particularly PC components. For example we use optically isolated serial ports for RS422 communications and fiber for our network connection, etc.
I understand the debate regarding some people who say "I have been working on electronics for 20 years and have never seen or damaged a component due to noise or a static discharge." I am not interested in that debate. What I am interested in is do people take any precautions while troubleshooting to alleviate a potential issue due to a static discharge? If so, what are those precautions?

Thanks Again

Edit 2:
I have many hashboards which have required repair which has obviously cost me a great deal as two of the units I purchased used and 4 of the hashboards were from those two units. One being a 550 and the other being a 600, but both from the same time frame. I am hoping to hear positive words from people who have made more recent purchases.
17  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Bitmain's Released Antminer S9, World's First 16nm Miner Ready to Order on: December 10, 2016, 12:57:40 AM

Biodom I agree it would be nice to see information.
I would like to hear from anyone who purchased the last couple of batches.
Are the QC issues corrected with the hash board failures?

I have very few S9s left and with the power usage it can be a good machine. My personal experience has not been good regarding failures.
Bitmain Warranty have repaired several and I managed to spend the time on one.

The BTC hardware landscape has been difficult most of the time. At least it isn't pre-order ripoffs.
It is fairly difficult to grab a unit from one of these non-announced S9 Sales. Not that I would be first in line to buy one, but they sold out fast so are they going "all over" in any significant amount?
 - I do not think Bitmain can build mining equipment fast enough. Between their own use, the huge contracts they have for other large-scale miners, deals with other equipment manufacturers, and the cash. Man it must take quite a few people just to count all the money rolling in. It is said they can control bitcoin in almost every way, especially the price, if they need to limit the amount of equipment in use, especially "competing" against them, why not only deal with large money deals for a while? I bet they seriously cannot build them fast enough... If they want to do so. Magic Money boxes indeed. (With boards that fail, arggg)
I do want to see an S9+, but not an increase in hashpower. I want to see an S9 perfected. Running at the originally quoted hashrate without needing to be screwed with.

Hashpower growing while form factor remains the same or shrinks is a great thing, but, when we have a significant portion of hash rate in one hash board we need the ability to stock spares and I would like to hear positive news regarding the failure rates? Have they diminished?

On another note how difficult can it be to hide BTC on the blockchain, or get it off? Very fucking difficult to do something with, if someone is determined.

I am still running several underclocked S7s, thanks to:

sidehack and co:

RadekG and co:

These guys and the people posting feedback, contributing to the threads help us.
Throw them tips if you can, I know sidehack is always trying to do something to help miners be better miners.

By the way, which chain is which board when looking at the S9?
I have searched through this thread and google FUd it, but in my case the FU may mean something else. I'd like to see a picture showing which port on the board controls which hash board. I have to go take one apart now so maybe I'll remember this time Smiley

Edit 1:
I found this description:
The HW errors don't look like a problem but that reported hashrate sure does.  You might try swapping where the hash board is connected on the controller board.  My B3 has 4 connectors on the control board so there is an extra and I have seen another post where someone else said theirs did too.  Looking down at the unit from the top with the intake fan pointing towards you (what I would call the front) I believe that bottom chain in the GUI should be the right hand board. 

Thanks all

18  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Trezor not found with Electrum 2.7.11 on Win 10 on: November 25, 2016, 01:03:55 AM

I am having an issue with Electrum detecting my Trezor. I select to create a new wallet, select hardware wallet
I do not know if it is passphrase related, but I did setup one passphrase.

I am running WIN10. I have the Chrome extension and bridge installed. (Is one preferred to be active?)
Overall I have been very happy with Electrum. I have been using it for a few months.
I have one item I consider to be serious. I believe if a software update / upgrade is released which corrects a serious flaw a message should be displayed notifying the user there is a potential security risk and the user should pay attention.

Obviously if I am unable to have my trezor working with Electrum I will be disappointed but I would still be pleased with Electrum... at least from my short end user viewpoint.

Anyway, as I am unsure how Electrum may handle single or multiple wallets protected with a passphrase I still have some looking around to do.

I recall seeing something mentioned in the Trezor Docs regarding enter the passphrase then dis & re connect the trezor to enter another passphrase for as many "wallets" you wish to have.

I have not yet sent coin to the Trezor, so again, I have a few avenues to investigate.

I welcome any comments and do appreciate your time.

sloopy is Trezor working with With the new firmware update Win10 sometimes does not recognize the trezor and you have to follow these steps:

    Press Win + X to open command line
    Type: devmgmt.msc and hit Enter
    Device manager window will appear
    Find “Other devices” and click on it with right button
    Choose “Update driver software”

Hope this helps.

What drivers do I use?
Auto isn't finding anything.

19  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Trezor not found with Electrum 2.7.11 on Win 10 on: November 25, 2016, 12:20:25 AM

Unfortunately, I am still unable to have Electrum create a new wallet using the Trezor.
It does not seem to see it.

I am building a new system this weekend. I will be comfortable trying it there. I don't like to stick my Trezor in any old place even though there wouldn't be an issues. Smiley

If anyone has any other ways I may troubleshoot this I would be most appreciative.


It is great to have a forum to ask these types of things.
20  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Hacking the S7 - improving efficiency through minor hardware manipulation on: November 20, 2016, 06:13:20 AM
Has anyone figured out the HEX files for the Antminer S9?
I wonder if this same procedure could be done to the S9.  Smiley
I'd assume it can/could be done with pre-batch-16 miners that are using the old firmware. Batch-16 and higher with the auto-tune pretty sure this will not work.

I have the same question. Has anyone done it?
My Pickit3 should be here on Tuesday. I am going to play with some S7s to make sure I have the steps down.
I use a "PIC" in my daily work for years with Allen Bradley PLCs. From what I have read here the steps sound almost identical.
Go online, save a copy of the current "program" in memory, edit the "program", or load a new "program".
With the AB software you then had another step to save to eeprom and done.

This all sounds simple and thanks to sidehack for the work with the pictures and hex files. There will be a tip on the way.
I think all I need are the hex values for the S9. I should be able to look at what is there to begin with and work backwards from that value.

I have another S9 with a hashboard which has stopped showing up at all. I have inspected the locations noted in the thread Simple S9 repair/overclock guide:
So, I hope the voltage change will help.

Suggestions are appreciated.

BTW I know Sidehack did the work and collected information  for this S7 / LN thread, but thanks to all who contribute. Hearing input from others either performing the "hack", or have knowledge regarding the components is very helpful as well.

Thanks to all who contribute.
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