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541  Economy / Exchanges / Re: Which trading platform with cryptocurrency to choose?! on: May 02, 2018, 03:57:58 PM
Search up the coin you're gonna trade and check up the site that gives out the most trading volume and you can find a lot of good trades in that site. I can't recommend you "directly" or too "specifically" on what is the best for you, but Binance is my best bet for my trades these days. I had tried Bittrex and it is quite good and fees are quite reasonable at some point when you make a flow into your tokens or coin.
542  Economy / Reputation / Re: Alts sending merits? on: May 02, 2018, 03:48:51 PM
Thank you. I might end up editing my post when I see more segments in this scheme.  Smiley
543  Economy / Reputation / Merit Abuse? (Alts or An agreement was made) on: May 02, 2018, 03:36:01 PM
Good day!
I had just recently checked the recent merits sent and this 5 merit sent caught my eye.

Ingramhb receiving 5 merits from a one-liner generic post from glandulaHewq:

Now it extends to glandulaHewq receiving 10 merits from  zhouyc in different ANN threads from making just a generic to simple review of the project's site and whitepaper - 5 merits - 5 merits

It extends even more to zhouyc receiving 11 merits from shixd8899

13 merit from  yeyz600

24 merits from xzhybbs from just a generic statement

yeyz600 receiving 30 merits from hdd3go from 3 different threads - 10 merits - 10 merits - 10 merits

yeyz20171031 receiving 34 merits from  007eminem

These two red colored usernames raises the flag even more, judging by their close-related usernames. Most of these or all of these users are Chinese. There are more merits sent to other Chinese users  but these are what I suspected the most due to the amount of merit sent isn't really applicable to the posts. I believe they're doing "Fixed Merit Scheme", where they're sending merits to the users that is equal to the minimum merits needed for the next rank.
Kindly check.  Wink

544  Other / Meta / Re: Let's see what is the condition now.. on: May 02, 2018, 02:30:05 PM
After introducing the merit system it really became very hard to get merit.

Does not getting merit even matter in the first place?  Roll Eyes

My friend started in this forum when there was no merit system. He is now a hero member ( I am not expressing the name). To me if I compare then my knowledge is far more better than him.

"My alt started in this forum when there was no merit system. It is now a hero member."  Wink -snip-
There is no such thing as "friends" in this forum.  Wink

545  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Crypto world vs Fulltime job? to establish better life. on: May 02, 2018, 02:13:26 PM
No no and no. Again and again. Crypto is optimal to be your sideline but not your full time work. Focus on the current full-time job you have. There's only one driving factor that makes our thoughts to be more "into" cryptocurrency and that will always be the price behavior not the price itself. It is triggering our greed hormone and I wouldn't be so surprised that anybody is having their eyes shined leading them to be more fond of crypto rather than their full-time job. If you really love your job, then you wouldn't ask AND compare such a thing. If you're aren't sure that you're gonna be accepted in you full-time job then find another opportunity then. Don't be so fond of these. I'll tell you that you won't sustain that much in here.
546  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: how often do you check BTC price and how to cope with stress? on: May 02, 2018, 01:55:35 PM
how often do you check BTC price and how to cope with stress associated with this?  I am checking it every few hours and it drives me crazy and makes me anxious. Is there anybody in a similar situation and how do you cope with this?

PS: I was trying to do this once a month, but I think, I missed the beginning of the bear market in January this year because of this.  


Hours? That will trigger your stress a lot more. I ain't a doctor but getting stressed in seeing something that pulls you down from your expectations to the reality you had saw might cause you more emotional effect in your trades and coping with it could be difficult. I am quite guilty of verifying if the price is really at that margin or is it just gonna stay there for a while. A day or 2 could be the optimal way to trade because you have the refreshal every day psychologically.
547  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: start trading on: May 02, 2018, 01:33:49 PM
hello i want to start trading is better bittrex or binance ?
what type of documents they ask ? i think i will trade like 1000-2000$ every few days
i want to buy 1000 usdt$ of BTC when price go low , and sell for 1050 usdt$ when go up is this possible ?

For Binance, you can withdraw until to 1 BTC per 1 day. Such government-issued IDs are required for you to increase the limitations of that withdrawals. If you aren't that kind of a large trader in cryptos then I don't think you will need such large limits. Mostly passports and driver's license (non-prof or prof not student are widely accepted) are the ones being accepted in their  Smiley
548  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin - Can it boost or break a countries economy? on: May 01, 2018, 01:29:44 PM
Most countries are in full control of their own monetary policies and financial systems. If a alternative currency is introduced, would this improve or reduce the efficiency of a country?

Will this remove their control or would it be just another payment option, like PayPal?

Why are governments so scared of Bitcoin, if they can regulate it's use. The first defensive tool seem to be banning the technology, which in my opinion should be the last resort. Should they not analyse the threat based on proper research and public participation. < like they did in Canada > and then make harsh decisions like this?

Why are they ignoring the advantages that this technology might bring and implement extreme precautions as a primary action?

Is Bitcoin really such a big threat to them or are they just misinformed on purpose? < influenced externally by people with hidden agendas >

Let's discuss this please.

I think that it would really be a big boost in a countrys economy because it offers a lot of advantages to people and consumers but most especially to the capitalists as it makes everything smoother, faster and everything else digital and makes it electronic.

But does everyone have the access to these kinds of technology without the government's subsidy to support their initiation or innovation of their tools in their financing system? They could still be staying in their "comfort zone" which is the fiat cash if they feel comfortable with it. I don't think Bitcoin really has that "too much" significance when it plays with the current economy. It is just gonna add up and give more options to other people. It is neither gonna improve (although it could be for a bit) or gonna break the economy, imo.
549  Economy / Economics / Re: Investing in Bitcoin? Advantages and Disadvantages on: May 01, 2018, 12:41:49 PM
I thought the article would be really giving that in-depth details but I must say it quite covered the general idea of the risks involved in cryptocurrency. It isn't just talking about Bitcoin. It is also mentioning about how altcoin token seems like as an asset, I doubt that many had read that portion and just straight up quoted the OP's post and replied  Roll Eyes .
550  Economy / Economics / Re: Will you tech me please, What is ICO? on: May 01, 2018, 11:21:30 AM
Let's say ICO is like you're gonna blindly throw your money at something based on your instincts without any fixed probability of it from getting back into you with profits. Unless you know an ICO specialist or adviser, they could reduce the risk that you could be involved with when you try to invest.
551  Economy / Economics / Re: Will governments create their own cryptocurrency that will replace fiat? on: May 01, 2018, 11:08:00 AM
They could be having their own definition of cryptocurrency in the future especially when more innovations in the network of Bitcoin gets implemented. We all know that government ain't gonna go with the flow for what're the current changes happening. It might not be exactly cryptocurrency we're gonna expect but it is gonna be related into it.
552  Economy / Economics / Re: bitcoin in developing countries on: May 01, 2018, 10:55:53 AM
Bitcoin has been developing in some countries quite right in a way that government recognized it more often to be an instrument for the basic financing system. Bitcoin it too independent to disrupt the economic status of a country. It is just gonna add up to the system of the financing but not really that majority of the function of the economy.
553  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: Are You Afraid of KYC? on: April 29, 2018, 03:23:54 PM
Trust is a thing that is supposed to be discussed in here. Risking up your name to a team that you don't even know their backgrounds or even their history on the projects they were in recently is simply a blind risk and you don't know what could be their intentions from all the identities collected. Here in my country, KYC is a tight law imposed in all remittance centers or local banks. They're all trusted however, but how about on these ICOs we're talking about? I think ICO should undergo first in legalization under the law before the proposed projects could be put into public, so that people could feel the necessary security for the risks they're gonna throw in the bucket.
554  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What are the best exchanges to trade. on: April 29, 2018, 03:01:22 PM
Trading concepts should be learn through your own method by searching in google. I wouldn't be so stressed to put up a lmgtfy link in here  Roll Eyes. Anyways, for trades I used Bittrex quite a while but sometimes I use Binance or even Huobi at some rarer time. Your own judge on how you see your trades to be stable in choosing these exchanges.
555  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you keep yourself from spending on unimportant things? on: April 29, 2018, 11:51:29 AM
Well discipline. Do you buy like a disciplined buyer in the supermarket? Making lists and prioritizing all the needs first. Well if that is your deeds then pretty much you're already avoiding to get yourself into bad buying where pretty much 40% of what you had bought could pretty much be spoiled because of the first sight mentality in products.
556  Other / Meta / Re: Easiest Steps to get Merit on: April 28, 2018, 02:50:37 PM
3. You can even go through the OP posts history and call them shitposts that doesn't deserve merits.

Oh, the irony!  Roll Eyes

4. Sit back and don't expect a Merit.
Fixed.  Wink

Like there are already gazillion of merit threads like these being posted  over and over here in Meta section. Care to browse a bit in Meta section, like this thread is almost 10x synonymous to any other threads about merits where the OP expects that they'll get a merit from anyone?
557  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Massive loss 40% underwater on: April 28, 2018, 02:36:00 PM
was afraid that crypto will be zeroed out,

And now you're asking what to do after you sold? Well enjoy your regrets, that's it. It's a loss, what're we gonna do about it. Your sold coins are now being feasted by a number of investors in the market. You let your emotions get into you that's why. Go back and start again. Learn the hard words, buddy. Remember that this is a large market you're interacting at.
558  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: The Best Time To Exit Trading on: April 28, 2018, 02:30:41 PM
Let go of greed and expectations of high prices in the future, high prices for coins you see enough profit to sell them to take profits, should not expect too high because we can not predict their trends in next time.

Greed is too common to be completely discussed, and pretty much every traders know about that already. Exiting trading is quite a patience and everyone knows also about that. Why not just don't exit at all? Nourish the benefits it gives while the price is still like going crazy all the time, regardless of the coin you're trading.
559  Other / Meta / Re: Another "Thanks Merit For This Rank Up" Thread on: April 28, 2018, 02:14:54 PM
Kindly check these. Put a critique on it if you can. Thanks


As a side note, congrats for the rank up!  Cheesy
560  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is it a good time to start buying bitcoins? on: April 28, 2018, 01:36:05 PM
Mostly, I see that this is a middle level of selling bitcoins now for other waiting for their long-term profit like it has been in the floor for too long and many traders out there could have been looking for something to sell for a while and this is now the best time for them to sell. Buying is still okay but you might buy in shorts for now as the price is now continuing to go up.
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