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1001  Economy / Reputation / Re: Flag - "CryptoSparks" on: September 20, 2019, 06:17:45 PM
An api key can be anything, if you generate a "private api key" of an online wallet service that can act as private key as long it's enabled. A bitcoin private key is nothing else than a way to authenticate you as the owner of that wallet. An api key with full privileges (aka private api key) authenticates you as the owner of the account controlling the funds. Now why should be wrong to say that an api key can act a private key? it seems that you don't get the fact tha api keys are modular tools and can be shaped at will.

And yet again i repeat, an API key is an authentication tool that based on the service can do basically anything.... even ACT AS A PRIVATE KEY.

Those looks like technically correct statements to me with analogies in red.. Analogies that you may not agree with but not vastly incorrect..
API keys do pretty much work like private keys but for your account at a service and not on the actual blockchain, only on their internal centralized ledger..

I think it was when I gave him my API keys and told him to help himself to my bitcoins since the API key "can act" as a Bitcoin private key...
An api key with full privileges (aka private api key) authenticates you as the owner of the account controlling the funds.

Did you give him an API key with full privilege of a funded account? If so he should have been able to WD your coins no?

Don't hate me for being the devils advocate here, maybe I am wrong and will learn something..
1002  Economy / Reputation / Re: Flag - "CryptoSparks" on: September 20, 2019, 05:23:15 PM
Well shit..

I've read these threads in the OP and based on just this I don't think I would support this flag.. I'll need to read the whole thread in meta too (I have ignored it)..

Also, I know FruitsBasket from outside this forum, and where I know FruitsBasket from their were extremely talented coders, software engineers, computer scientists, exchange devs, and yes, people who have been working on trading bots for years now.. Elite coders in the crypto space..
Therefore, I wouldn't say it is out of the question that this is a legit trading bot and wouldn't doubt that I know some of the people that have worked on it.. Lends it a bit of credibility from my perspective..

1. More bots running the trade equals more support for the trade which equals to even higher probability of success.

While I don't see this happening on such a large high volume market like Bitmex, it certainly could be true on a small market if you had enough liquidity to move the market yourself.. Whale the market around..

Lenders keep control of their funds via API KEY. Basically is RISK FREE

"risk free" isn't the way Id put it but I what he was talking about is their ability to outright make off your your coin..
If you set up the exchange account yourself, and give them your API with no withdraw permission, they will not be able to WD your funds but only place trades..

Their would still be risks including..
Bitmex scamming..
Poor trade bot performance or even malicious trade bot performance (on a smaller market you could trade a "hacked" account into your own hands on another account and make off with their coin value but I don't think so on such a huge market)
But they couldn't just WD your funds..

As far as the other option, them using your money on their account with their bot but they give you a copy of the API keys with WD permission, the API keys would kinda "work like private keys" in a way allowing you to WD from it at any time.. It would work more like username and password access to the account than like a "private key" but I don't think he was trying to imply it would be like being in control of your own private keys which you obviously are not with any exchange but a DEX..

I absolutely agree that this guy is proposing a risky investment, and could do more to openly state the risks involved, but shouldn't investors (or lenders) be able to weigh the risk themselves?

CryptoSparks offered a "service" where he promised guaranteed returns
Did he really?

1. Lender as service provider:

Lend us UP to 5BTC with 10% monthly payback + 5% monthly interest.
We can give API access + EMAIL +PASSWORD of the trading account managing the funds as collateral so you can always keep an eye on the funds.
This results in almost 30% risk free profit for the lender. 2 year of data shows the bot can easily handle the interest rate, please download and check for yourself.[/s]

This looks like a promise to repay a loan principle 10% per month + 5% monthly interest no matter if the bot works or not, no?
Over the term of the loan their would be "almost 30%" profit for the lender, right?
BTW 5% per month interest is not that high of interest for the lending section here.. Many loans are like 10% on a week or 2 loan which would be 20%-40% per month..

Maybe this guy is an asshole in his replies to criticism but I don't know if he is trying to outright scam..
Offering a risky proposition where it would be possible for him to scam, sure..

This proposition..
2. Arakne as service provider:
Create and control your own account and let our bot manage it via API KEY enabled only for order creation. Pay us 30% of monthly net profit for the service and keep the 70% as pure profits.
Looks pretty legit, very low risk of scam, and possible profits/losses depending on how well the bot works..

Lets take a look at this...

Suchmoon - While this is probably a bad way of explaining how API keys work "like private keys" probably isn't the best analogy, API keys do look a lot like private keys, and API keys can allow you to control the funds in the account, but the exchange does still have your real private keys just like manually operating an exchange account..

Vod - Speculation..

AdolfinWolf -    "Auto-Trading bots" utilizing margin trading always ends with people in tears." - While this may usually be the case "always" is not true..
"There is no such thing as a bot that can generate constant profits as promised by this user, or make "Intelligent trades"." - this is also not true, almost all of the serious wall street trading is done by AI bots and you bet they make huge money.. HFT (high frequency trading) AI bots and order que skipping bots (scalper bots?) that make massive amounts of money on the stock exchanged are most definitely a thing..
If you go watch the books even at it is pretty obvious that probably something like 95% of the orders being placed and retracted there are done by bots, market maker bots (due to the fee structure), and I highly doubt they would be doing it if they weren't making money..

DireWokfM14- Where did he say that an API key gives you absolutely as much control over coin as does a true private key? If he said this exactly I'll support his flag and tag him myself but I'm pretty sure he said that API keys are like private keys to control your exchange account, which they are, and you can move your coin with them, which you can..

That's definately a better way to put it - API keys are private keys that let you control your exchange account, but the exchange still has the real private keys of the real coin..
As a matter of face API keys ARE infact private keys, they just aren't crypto private keys, but they are software private keys.. Aren't they?

nutildah - maybe this is what you suspect but it's not something you can prove..

This is a lot of reasonable doubt here IMO..
1003  Economy / Reputation / Re: REE @Tecshare explanation on: September 19, 2019, 06:38:05 PM
Holy cow, speak of the devil..
Hasn't been online in days and then all of a sudden BAM, there he is like magic.. Must be some sort of autist.. Wink

I was more alluding to your scam education rather than your built rep..
1004  Economy / Reputation / Re: REE @Tecshare explanation on: September 19, 2019, 06:25:08 PM
No offence to these specific users but just some quick examples of trust scores based almost soley on scambusting I could grab fast and easy from the current rep board..

Again, I don't intend to say anything bad against these users but this is just an example that shows that "scambusting" is a very effective avenue to build reputation, maybe the most effective.. Not even saying that this is their intention at all, but it could be someones intention..

Remember mdayonliner?
New accounts being so ambitious to gain merits and trust, to get in with the forum police crowd, are extremely suspicious to me and I hope everyone keeps their eyes peeled..
Their are others I am suspicious of but these ones are in the past..

I wholly agree. The people who are desperate to gain 'trust' here are often going to use it for all the wrong reasons. I never came to this forum thinking I really want to be trusted and I'm sure most other very 'trusted' users here felt the same. Trust and rep is just something you build up naturally over time and should be irrelevant to most people but a lot of people seem to want it ASAP so it'll probably help them financially (whether they're just going to use it to gain an advantage in legitimate business or use the supposed 'trustworthiness' to scam at a certain point). This is partly why I really don't trust op. He seems to really just want a trusted account at whatever the cost. Would he have tried to use that trust to pull some sort of scam at some point ? Who knows, but like I said before, ponzi promoters aren't exactly the most moral of people.  

Also scambusters would probably make the most dangerous scammers themselves due to their scam education and expertise..
I can't find my old post about QSs rep but I said something along the lines of "If he was a scammer he would be an extremely dangerous scammer"..
Who could get away with Murder better than an experienced murder detective that knows all the ways to catch murderers?

Paying attention to details is very important part of every investigation/research, it doesn't make someone autist, but I guess some people on this forum believe they are doctors.

It's not literal man and like I said it is sort of a compliment to be called an "autist".. It means you are better at something than mostly everyone else.. So good that, the joke goes, you must be some sort of freak with autism, to be that good at it..
1005  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [announce] Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin on: September 19, 2019, 03:46:27 AM
Wow I'm surprised to see this come to the top! Good oldschool choice bumper Wink

1006  Other / Meta / Re: Is this concerning? This could be a conspiracy too. on: September 19, 2019, 12:30:18 AM
While reading this post, I came across the word plagiarism several times. I was recently plagiarized several times by several people in the same thread.

It bothered me. So I quoted the post with a screenshot of where their post was my original thought. I never thought that mods actually checked and banned people for this.

My reason for bringing this up now in this thread is because my theory is that there are several people trying to build up bitcointalk accounts in order to sell them to "would be coin devs" because I have heard of bought accounts so that the person looks more experienced than they are.

Please do take a look because the last thing this world needs is more possible scamming.

I know that what they are copying is not profound or ground breaking stuff, but that's not the point. The point is why are they plagiarizing someone else just to post?

Maybe you are onto something about where they are getting their copied posts from..
Plagiarism is pretty serious business here..  Report it as that and they will be permabanned along with any alt accounts linkable to them..
1007  Other / Meta / Re: chopper membership possible? on: September 18, 2019, 10:00:15 PM

I've been thinking more like this about this thread all day..

"the almighty power of that cha cha cha cha chopper"
Lil Wayne < better not plagiarise..

Or did Wayne mean a fast Harley?
1008  Economy / Reputation / Re: REE @Tecshare explanation on: September 18, 2019, 09:10:45 PM
"Autist" is a term of endearment meaning someone that is exceptionally good at a specific task but is probably a weird nerd, socially akward, or "incel" in real life..  
"Autist" usually refers to internet detectives who are great at internet sleuthing..
Based on the meaning of autism, an autistic person might be able to count 1487 toothpicks on the floor instantly, seemingly by magic, but might not even be able to make a sandwich or dress themselves..
See the movie Rain Man..

One may expect an autist to know what an autist is but their might be a bit of a culture gap..
1009  Economy / Reputation / How to handle a high profile hacked account? on: September 18, 2019, 07:35:40 PM
So I see an account that I think is hacked but I would really hate to unintentionally harass this user or have this user harassed by publicly posting my suspicion if I am wrong..

This is a highly green trusted account and I would argue has a historically significant post history that I would hate to see tampered with by the hacker..

I sent it a pm..
Quote from: eddie13 link=action=profile;u= date=1568832911
You look hacked..
Can you convince me your not hacked please?
But I don't know if that is the right thing to do or if I should do more..

If it is hacked I don't think slamming it with flags and red trust is the right thing to do.. Rather, I think it should be frozen or something so the hacker doesn't go destroying it..

It would be nice if admin could stop this account from deleting or editing old posts and/or trust.. Even if we need to red tag and flag this account due to the hack I also believe users removing old positive trust from it would be a shame..

In the time since I noticed it now the PW and email have been changed too.. I think it just happened but don't know where that log thing is..
It doesn't look like it is actively trying to scam or anything but it looks like the hacker is testing the waters by posting with it. Posts that seem quite out of character for the true owner, and sent a bunch of merit for the first time..

I PMd Switzerland about it and they agree it looks extremely suspicious.. Also one problem is that their is a lot of potential for bias against this account and I can't help but feel some would just love for it to be erased from BTCT history..

What do?
1010  Other / Meta / Re: On Post Bursting and Other Facets of the Term on: September 18, 2019, 04:08:35 PM
Sometimes I "post burst" kinda and am somewhat an inconsistent poster..

Usually I just read and don't post anything, I have over 86 days login time (not always logged in) and visit often but don't post, but when I do get in the mood to post I might make a few posts, or post for a few days/weeks, and then not post for a while or whatever..

My interests also come and go.. I might be really into crypto, or this forum, for a couple months, get bored of it, and move on to one of my other hobbies/interests for a while..
Sometimes I put a huge amount of work into a project and just get burnt out on it and can't bring myself to touch it again for a few months or something, but I have many interests and just move on to something else for a while, and eventually come back to what I got burnt out on after a break from it..

I like not having to do anything and just do whatever I want.. When I must do or finish this or that, meet some deadline or quota, it sucks and I don't enjoy it.. Actually it kinda gives me a phobia of doing it at all if I have to do it which makes me procrastinate and sometimes decrease the quality of my work.. I like to take my time to do things right at my own pace and when I want to do it.. I wouldn't post here at all if I didn't want to do it..

This is the reason I don't apply for campaigns with minimum post quotas.. Just knowing that I have to do it will make me not want to do it and put me in a poor mindset..
1011  Economy / Economics / Re: Conservation Law on: September 18, 2019, 02:41:39 AM
I think we need an economical model with finite money, another way money lose sense because we don't really have control about how many money is out there.

Maybe like BTC???
1012  Other / Politics & Society / Re: "Drone Attack That Crippled Largest Saudi Oil Processing Facility" on: September 17, 2019, 10:09:56 PM
I hate to selfishly say that I hope for oil jobs to surge but this would be a great time for me for oil jobs to surge..
It's about time to go on another adventure..
1013  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [24-HOUR AUCTION] Nasty Fans/Nasty Mining 1oz silver on: September 17, 2019, 09:13:07 PM
760k sat
1014  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [24-HOUR AUCTION] Nasty Fans/Nasty Mining 1oz silver on: September 17, 2019, 08:58:26 PM
1015  Other / Meta / Re: Quick account question of access on: September 17, 2019, 04:40:00 PM
If you know your old BTC addy(s) then google it to find it posted under your username..
If you have any old BTCT notification emails in your email account you can probably find clues in there also to lead you to where you can find your old account..
1016  Other / Meta / Re: Is this concerning? This could be a conspiracy too. on: September 17, 2019, 04:35:58 PM
Tons of accounts were just banned recently for plagiarism found in very old posts so their is definitely precedent. Accounts getting banned from old posts linking adresses to prove ban evasion are also frequent..
Also as you mentioned, if you piss someone off sometimes they will dig your post history for any dirt they can find to use against you..
20. Then more weaponizing of gamed metrics like deleted post count. Theymos says CH you will be banned soon because you have a lot of deleted posts.
21 What happens next? someone goes and reports every single short post 2 words or whatever in CH entire history LOL
It happens.. It's probably happened to me too..

It seems to me that the general community considers this sort of post digging to be fair game so keep that in mind..
Did you piss off anyone good recently? About how many old posts did you have deleted total?
1017  Economy / Economics / Re: Conservation Law on: September 17, 2019, 04:22:05 PM
You can create a coin from nowhere but that doesn't necessarily mean it will have any value. Some of the BTC forks were never worth a dime right?

But you can create value from nothing. Like any piece of software or data is just a bunch of arranges 1s and 0s which are worthless but if you arrange them just right they become valuable, be it Bitcoin or a videogame..

A newly created coin can be valuable like Grin, the software is valuable to a lot of people. A fork of Bitcoin can be valuable as seen in the hundreds of coins forked off Bitcoin before BCH existed..
The BCH fork could be valuable to some people, hold some value apart from bitcoin or be more valuable software than even Bitcoin to them, but little I'd imagine...
Crypto prices are all about how much people think they are valuable.. I bet that the use of Monero for example is more valuable than then use of Bitcoin to many people..

The BCH fork is important I think because instead of really trying to create new value it tried to take value away from the real Bitcoin. The new value it created was small because it is not really a valuable new software compared to many things that exist, but it split off some of Bitcoins value/marketcap to it right from the start..  

You may think you got a bunch of free money from BCH but it just kinda split the value of your keys..

If it wasn't for BCH your Bitcoin would probably have been more valuable than your combined BTC/BCH, not only because BCH took some of that value out of BTC but also created a bad image of BTC reducing it's value..
I may contend that the BCH fork REDUCED the value of all of our keys from all the negativity surrounding it..
I see it as entirely possible that had BCH never happened your same keys would be more valuable now in just BTC than your keys are worth now with the BTC and BCH combined..
1018  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [24-HOUR AUCTION] Nasty Fans/Nasty Mining 1oz silver on: September 17, 2019, 03:09:15 PM
1019  Other / Politics & Society / Re: "Drone Attack That Crippled Largest Saudi Oil Processing Facility" on: September 16, 2019, 10:59:07 PM
Who is behind the attack though?

Could be a pearl harbor/911 for them or a USS Liberty type deal..
1020  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [24-HOUR AUCTION] Nasty Fans/Nasty Mining 1oz silver on: September 16, 2019, 10:45:20 PM
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