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1361  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [POLL] What is your favorite collectible? on: January 05, 2019, 12:14:20 AM
The first original Casascius..

2011 error coin right?
I want one..
1362  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Want to rent CPU/GPU hash for Grin on: January 04, 2019, 11:48:45 PM
I would like to rent the work of your GPU/CPU miner(s) mining Grin on a pool for a few days or so, depending on cost, around the 15th of this month. Paid in BTC or alts.
Willing to make a fair deal like 110% of your usual income or something and maybe a share of possible profits. Make an offer..

I think you need to have relatively new cards with a good amount of RAM.

I think you can find info about how to configure the miner here

Sound feasible?
1363  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [FREE RAFFLE] CLOUDBET & KROGOTH'S LOADED DENARIUM COIN RAFFLE#8 on: January 03, 2019, 06:11:00 PM
1 - eddie13
1364  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: [HIRING] Job offer! Looking for experienced Crypto Arbitrage Trader (m/f) on: January 02, 2019, 11:59:57 PM
It's a bs request because crypto arb is impossible, as we have proven over a period of 12 months

I looked at your link and it is interesting. I will save it and look closer at it later because it may be a good arbitrage tool.
I have used Cryptopia's arb tool a lot in the past and a couple others as far back 2014.

If you truly believe crypto arbitrage is impossible then I challenge you to put some money on your claim to make it worth my time to drag out my exchange histories from polo, yobit, cryptopia, bittrex, cryptsy's & mintpal's are gone, tuxexchange, etc. , where I am positive I can provide proof of many profitable arbitrage trades.

What you bring to the table:
- Minimum 2 years experience in trading cryptocurrencies, with more than 1000 transactions conducted in total.
- Passionate about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies
- Solid experience using trading software
- Arbitrage trading experience outside of blockchain-technologies will not be taken into account
- Fluent English
- German is not necessary but nice to have
- Desire to work in an established start-up

I have well more than 2 years experience trading on many altcoin exchanges and a couple bitcoin exchanges.
I have many accounts at exchanges, and a few verified accounts also.  
I have profited many times from arbitrage across many altcoin exchanges but have mostly been a daytrader having made many thousands of trades.
I am passionate about crypto but I am a technology user, not a developer.
I have very solid experience using the trading software of multiple exchanges, coin wallets, block explorers, independent charts, etc., but no experience using trading bots.
I have experience conducting actual arbitrage of many coins from exchange to exchange.
I am no English teacher but it is my native language and I'd consider myself quite fluent.
I may be interested in an interesting opportunity.  

What sort of arbitrage opportunities are you talking about trying to trade?
1365  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Unbreakablecoin (UNB) | SHA256 - Over 3x Bigger then Bitcoin | No Premine on: January 02, 2019, 08:25:57 PM
yes wondering the same thing. Where can the coin be held. Besides on an obscure exchange somewhere. Coinomi or something similar- maybe a paperwallet- would that work??

Should still work I think if the blockchain is still moving..
1366  Other / Meta / Re: Who really owns this forum? on: January 02, 2019, 08:06:06 PM
This forum was started by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, as a place to discuss cryptocurrency into the future..
Welcome to the new Bitcoin forum!

The forum now is owned by Theymos ever since Satoshi left him in charge of the forum as administrator.
1367  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Tomorrow is "Proof of Keys Day". on: January 02, 2019, 07:08:36 PM
This reminds me of the infamous Cryptsy collapse that I lived through.. An example of what happens when fractional reserve meets crypto..

Cryptsy ran fine for a long time on fractional reserve. Everything was just fine until it wasn't.. What was it? About a year?
The "cold wallet" coins were lost/stolen on 2014-07-29 and things didn't start going to shit until around September 07, 2015 or about the time I registered here to keep up with the news of what the hell was happening on October 22, 2015 after one of my chat buddies was banned for questioning Cryptsy..

To make a long story short everything was fine until they started running out of Bitcoin for withdrawals but then they said their BTC wallet was "just in maintenance" and that the "hot wallets just needed to be refilled"..
Around the time some great blockchain sleuths (thunderjet) traced these BTC wallets that I just linked but we thought that Cryptsy still had control of them as their cold wallets but the hot wallets just weren't getting refilled for some reason.

The more people got concerned the more people tried to withdrawal and their was basically a bank run. We started noticing that the only time that withdrawals came out was when deposits came in to the hot wallet..

Since we couldn't get BTC WDs out many started WDing whatever they could get out like DOGE and ETH.. We soon noticed that we couldn't get many others out either such as DRK/DASH which turned out to also be on fractional reserve.

The coins that we could get out, people were buying like crazy to WD, especially DOGE and DGB.. This pushed the price of DOGE about 2X higher on cryptsy than Polo as people were buying it in mass to flee the exchange..

The worse it got the worse it got..
I myself had no idea yet what was really going on so I was taking advantage of the situation by WDing lesser known coins to polo and topia like UNO and GLD and then sending DOGE back to cryptsy for the massive arbatrage opportunity..
It worked for me because I would only send in a value what I already lined up to get back out. Found something that the wallet still worked and had enough liquidity to buy to WD..

In the end when Cryptsy shut its doors for good I only lost a few hundred goldcoin that I was trying to WD after an ARB..

I guess the moral of the story is that everything seems fine under fractional reserve utill it isn't, and then it gets bad fast..
Once people get scared and start the run on the bank then the problem gets worse and people get more scared and more people run and it quickly ends in catastrophy..

I feel very sorry for a few of my chat friends that trusted Cryptsy. They just held on waiting for their WDs to process (never did) and one friend was even sending BTC in to help others WD (because WDs only worked = to incoming deposits). They trusted and held and lost a lot..

Thank god I was suspicious enough to join this forum to figure out what was happening and didn't just trust Cryptsy and lose everything..
I didn't speak out here much at first in fear of being banned from Cryptsy but once it got really bad it didn't matter much anymore..

These days I keep most of my coin on a ledger nano and in physical coins and only send what I want to trade to exchanges.
1368  Other / Meta / Re: HOW do I get merit? on: January 01, 2019, 11:35:02 PM
Literally everyone is noided as fuck on this website. Don’t post for a few months and you get accused of purchasing your account.

I am the original me.

Sign an old staked address real quick and easy to prove it..
1369  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What happened to ViaBTC? on: January 01, 2019, 09:38:18 PM
I don't see it on block explorers..
Maybe it was a glitch in the explorer you loaded?

Oh look, they are all 556588..
It is just showing you the same block many times..

This is what it is showing me and it looks correct..

See 556588 in the middle there?
1370  Other / Politics & Society / Hackers Threaten to Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 Attacks on: January 01, 2019, 12:25:30 AM
The Dark Overlord appears to be trying to capitalize on conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.

On Monday, New Year’s Eve, a hacker group announced it had breached a law firm handling cases related to the September 11 attacks, and threatened to publicly release a large cache of related internal files unless their ransom demands were met.

The Dark Overlord, which has previously targeted a production studio working for Netflix, as well as a host of medical centres and private businesses across the United States.

“We'll be providing many answers about 9.11 conspiracies through our 18.000 secret documents leak,” the group tweeted on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Hiscox Group confirmed to Motherboard that the hackers had breached a law firm that advised the company, and likely stolen files related to litigation around the 9/11 attacks.

The hacking group published a small set of letters, emails and other documents that mention various law firms, as well as the Transport Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (The TSA could not provide a statement in time for publication, and the FAA told Motherboard in an email it was investigating.) Those documents themselves appear to be fairly innocuous, but the group says it may release more.

In its extortion note, The Dark Overlord included a link for a 10GB archive of files it allegedly stole. The group also provided a link to this archive to Motherboard before publishing its announcement. The cache is encrypted, but the hackers are threatening to release the relevant decryption keys, unlocking different sets of files at a time, unless the victims pay the hackers an undisclosed ransom fee in Bitcoin. (so much for BTC not being a "privacy currency")

“Pay the fuck up, or we're going to bury you with this. If you continue to fail us, we'll escalate these releases by releasing the keys, each time a Layer is opened, a new wave of liability will fall upon you,” the extortion note reads.

The Dark Overlord is also claiming to be offering to sell the data on a dark web hacking forum, and is attempting to blackmail individuals who may be included in the documents themselves.

I get that a guy needs to be paid for his efforts, but I wish they would be humanitarian about it and just release the information.
If the information is truly important and groundbreaking, then I want the people to know about it, and I want to know about it..

These guys are criminals and all.. A lot of what they have done isn't exactly moral so I can't just side with them, but if they have any information for us that could stop this from happening again I would like to be out there for the good of humanity and the intelligence of us USA voters.

To me it sounds like they published the relevant documents but in encrypted form.
Even if they are in unbreakable form right now, maybe if the right people were to save these encrypted files some day in the future they could break them.

As for myself I wouldn't know how to label me as far as the 9/11 conspiracy goes..
I wouldn't say I'm a conspiracy theorist and believe all of the crazy conspiracies about 9/11, but I wouldn't say that I believe the official report 100% either..

New information would be welcome IMO almost BAMN (By Any Means Necessary)..
If a hacker were to find something and dump it I would respect that, but offering to accept money in return for never releasing it, I can't align with that..
1371  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] InfoWarsCoin [INFW] Theres a war going on for our crypto! (x16r) on: December 31, 2018, 11:51:53 PM
I would totally be down if this was endorsed by Alex Jones and the real InfoWars..

There is a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain. The battle has been won, but the war against fiat currency rages on. We're outnumbered by endless debt and printing of paper money with no valid ledgers. Inflation devalues fiat worldwide and empowers monopolies to enact policy and regulate others freedoms.

Drop some redpills man!
What's wrong with fiat?
What's the history of fiat and fractional reserve banking?
What are they up to?
Why should we resist?
1372  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Is £2,500 too low for a market maker transaction? on: December 30, 2018, 10:54:58 PM
I think we'll probably dip down to about £2600 but beyond there, I honestly have no clue. We could go down and shoot up after that point or that could be the shoot down itself.

or we could just shoot down and keep going...

the way I look at it from here, I either lose a very nice car or gain financial freedom, retirement, "fuck you" money.. (I'm frugal and low maintenance)
I think this reward outweighs the risk..
I'm looking at putting a decent chunk into Grin soon too for a rare long term hold..

I think 50% we may have hit the BTC bottom now..
I jokingly posted a while ago in wall observer..

Too many pages..

I got my $3k number by extrapolating the ratio of the last ATH to the last ATL before the new ATH = the new post last ATH ATL = bout $3k ish mmkay..
1200-150 =about 20k-3k ish maybe 2.5k
1200/150=8  === 20k/8=2.5k

IDK about you but I don't have much soft feelers for the centralized mining cartel..
Doesn't hurt my feels 1 bit if they lose money for 6 months or so. Fuck them.

BTCBelievers will ensue the network continues. Price has little motivation on nodes and their will still be plenty of hash.
Then we will float undervalued until the next pump to..

20,000/1200 = X/20,000 = 333,333.333333 kek has spoken

hodl for 300k

And that is basically the way I feel about the future possibilities of BTC.
A bottom of $2500 at the lowest isn't out of the question for me but it does not have to go that far. $3200 is close enough, and what is another $700?
If it does go below $2500 I will be forced to reconsider. 50/45 it goes to a bottom of $2500 and 5% it goes below that..

As far as the thread title I'm pretty sure you can get the 0% fee for any maker order above the minimum trade size, which is probably like $20 but I haven't been on CB exchange in a while..
So even if you are playing with a VERY small amount you may as well practice getting your maker orders to hit if you want that 0%, get in infront of the closest walls if you want to buy near the current price..

I don't see where your order being too small would be a concern. (kinda sounds like "too small of an amount")
If anything, I think orders being too large is a bigger concern (if you are actually trying to get the order to fill), because large orders will push the market away from your price and you will never fill. Not much of a concern for most of us on BTC/fiat markets but it is on small alt markets.
In my experience the smaller the amount you are trying to trade with the easier it is because the rest of the market doesn't even care about your orders when they are small.

Their are tons of small markets where you can flip $10 back and forth across the spread all day long and make huge % gains, but you just can't do that with $10,000 because you will push the market. The bigger amount you are trying to trade the bigger the market you need to trade on so you can actually fill your orders (slippage), and the bigger the market the better your competitors are and the less spread and usually less volatility to take advantage of..
It is much easier to turn $10 into $100 than it is to turn $10,000 into $100,000 because you are too big for all the easy target markets.

If you are playing with a relatively small amount I'd say you are at an advantage as far as making % gains.
$2500 is like pennies on a fiat market.
1373  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: CRYPTSY stopping withdraw locking accounts without notifying users! Class Action on: December 30, 2018, 04:29:17 PM
No word from BV in all this time? He successfully just dropped off the face of the earth?

None of these 10k+ BTC have been moved still..

Recently 2018-10-23, this address - 1BestMixVhna91MkP7pKRtjej3bFq6Ze46 - has sent transactions to these cryptsy coins addresses.. Has sent a LOT of these 0.00000888 transactions..

I guess it was this guy??;u=1721098  BestMixer.IO

I wonder why they are doing that.. Imma PM him about it..


1374  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Is £2,500 too low for a market maker transaction? on: December 29, 2018, 09:30:52 PM
My problem is that when I buy, I buy in the candles, and I always miss the best deals in the wicks. I started this thread to discuss the method of trying to catch the wicks, which seem to be short lived and arrive whilst I am asleep. We may not see $3,200 as a closing price, but we may see it in a wick if a bull squeeze develops.

The other advantage is that I believe that you avoid paying a commission on coinbase if you are a market maker.

I also think this is less of a concern for long term holders but it is still good to get the best buy you can. It is also much harder for long term holders because they don't tend to pay near as much attention to the market as a daytrader. My perspective as a daytrader..

I will like to reply to this because I think that making good buys has been my greatest strength/skill in trading. Not so much selling the top.
As they say, "you make your money when you buy".

To me a good buy is to get in at a place where if the market turns against you you will have ample opportunity to get back out of it with minimal losses. 1%-2% or break even. That is what I am most concerned about when I trade. What is the risk VS reward? If I can buy in a place to minimize my risk then it is much easier to take advantage of an opportunity for reward.
If the likely risk is only 1% then a 1.5% reward opportunity is good.
If you are buying BTC to hold what do you feel is your risk VS reward? Do you think that BTC is going back to $20k or to $100k? Then your risk doesn't change much from buying at $3500 VS $3200 does it?

How to make good buys? Their are pretty much 2 ways that I put my faith/risk in, and 1 of them you absolutely have to be there and have been there for a while.

The first is market momentum and you have to be there to see it and have been there to know what it looks like.
If you haven't stared at the books for 8 hours a day for the last week so you know what movement looks slow, average, or fast, then it will be hard to recognize momentum when you see it unless it is very obvious.
When you see the market move down faster than average then their is a good chance that the momentum of the movement will overshoot where it will settle.
So if it starts moving down fast watch closely. Watch for the downward movement starts to lose its speed, this is where the momentum carries it low, then when it is almost gone put your buy in right above the next big support wall, where the downward movement is likely to run out of steam.
That is how I "catch the falling knife".
It is the same really when you are trying to sell but upside down. Put your sell in where you think the upward movement is likely to reach but close to where you think it is going to stop.

This also does a lot to minimize risk because it gives you opportunity to get out.
If you buy right over that wall you didn't think it would go through, and then the market is beating down that wall, you can just sell back into the wall yourself right before it breaks and lose very little.
It is usually a good trade entry if you buy or sell just as a wall gets broken because then usually it will go for a run once the wall is down, to the next wall..

But you have to be there to see all of that and know what it looks like on that particular market..

The other way that you don't really have to be there for is to just place your orders infront of walls. Hail mary orders.

You look in the books, or depth chart, and put your orders right infront of other massive orders or areas thick with a lot of orders, because if a spike happens it is likely as far as the spike will reach.
It is easy for a spike to fly through areas of low resistance but much harder to move through areas of large support.

Price movement amount isn't really what matters, it's more about how much volume of orders can be gobbled up.
I think it is mostly wrong to say something like "XXcoin will move up/down 10%" as opposed to "XXcoin can eat 100BTC of orders in this direction"
If it is going to eat 100BTC of orders with its current volume/momentum, that could only be 1% if their is 100BTC of support before a 1% change, but if the books are light for some price movement distance and their is only 50BTC of resistance for a 10% change, and then 100BTC of resistance for the next 2% change, then you can conclude that the market is going to eat the 50BTC it takes to move 10% and then stop at 11% where it takes another 100BTC to get through.
So you want your order in at the bottom of the low resistance area to get the best price, but at the top of the high resistance area where it is likely to stop so your trade is likely to hit.

If you want to put in orders to buy BTC at a good price, increase your chances of getting a good price, then put your buy order(s) at the bottom of low resistance and above where the resistance gets high. Then you can check in the morning and see if your orders hit Smiley

One of my best hail mary orders that hit was on DRK.
It was like 55 something and I put my orders in to sleep at like 36 right above some massive support. And that shit hit! When I woke up it was like 48 something and I took my profits..
I put my order right in the same place to sleep that next day, and I'll be damned if it didn't hit again and was right back in its usual trading range for me to take my profit on it..

The other advantage is that I believe that you avoid paying a commission on coinbase if you are a market maker.

This is true and why I hate trading CB. it makes for virtually no spread and the maker bots are extremely aggressive and don't leave their orders sit very much at all.

If you want to buy on CB I think you be well served to look at the books on all of the highest volume exchanges where the resistance really is and is more likely to stay, and place your orders on CB accordingly. Not just the depth on CB but the depth of the whole market..

BTC trading is hard because it is split up in so many markets. I have seen where the massive support was on finex and the massive resistance was on stamp.
If you were only looking at finex you wouldn't understand why the price kept stalling where their was no resistance, but the resistance was on stamp and you would have to look there to see it and watch it finally break through so all of the exchanges could go up.

I don't really understand how the arbatrage bots work and make profit, but they are damn good at keeping all of the exchanges very close, and they don't necessarily show themselves in the books by simulating the support/resistance, they just act on the current price.. I think.

I've put down some volume on CB and decided I didn't like it because of the way the fee structure make the bots behave.
I really really really loved trading huobi with their 0% fee and optional leverage both ways, but those days are gone Sad

1375  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community driven. on: December 29, 2018, 12:06:57 AM
I've been extremely interested in Mimblewimble since it was first presented a couple of years ago, though I only recently heard that grin is finally launching its mainnet soon.

Me too, I have been waiting for this for a very long time.
I have talked about it with a few very crypto code-smart people quite a while ago and they also seem to have high hopes for it.

Note that due to the way grin emits its coins, prices are likely to start out high and steadily drop for the first few weeks/months.

Good tips. Thanks.
I hope to get in on this too, hopefully somewhere near the right time, and let it ride.
1376  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What does it mean to buy on the Dip? on: December 21, 2018, 04:03:20 AM
"buy in the dip" is just a marketing slogan to attract new speculators when the bitcoin price has fallen again, it increasingly works worse.

spikes get smaller dumps get deeper.

Yeah, it didn't just go to $20k...

Its been going down ever since it was $0.00100  ..
1377  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What does it mean to buy on the Dip? on: December 21, 2018, 03:49:01 AM
This is going to be a lot of work..

I'm new to bitcoin but not new to the stock market.  I know what stock buying on the dip means in terms of buying stocks, but am wondering exactly what does that mean when attempting to time a bitcoin purchase.
Fundamentals like "news" are much less important in crypto because surely the whales have the "news" before you..

For instance, I notice that the 'market' for bitcoin is different than stocks.   Bitcoins trade 24 hours a day, whereas the stock market has a time limit.  There is a beginning and ending to each day.  Using a Candlestick chart pattern for a stock makes sense because the day does have a beginning and ending.  But in terms of Bitcoin, there is an "agreement" that a day should be something related to UTC . . . but still a 24 hour clock - which means candlesticks are kind of 'artificially' created because people want a visual reference and a way to determine technicals . . . if one believes in technical analysis.
No, days in the stock market are artificially created.. 1m 5m 15m 30m 1h 6h 12h etc. candles in either are not artificially created, neither is a 24h candle in crypto, but a "1 day" candle in the stock market is not truly "1 day", but it is in crypto..  Crypto never sleeps..

A pullback or dip could then be determined by technical analysis - support and resistance, Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, or using other tools.  But it doesn't answer my question in terms of what is a 'dip' for a bitcoin buyer.
Those are all hocus pocus and work sometimes

Bitcoins appear to trade in wild swings up or down, and from what I've read over 60% of trades are WASHES . . . which means the volume or trades are fake.
Bullshit, they aren't fake.
Even if they are "fake" they still took a risk to make the "fake" trade because the market can move from under them in the time it takes to flip a trade to increase volume.
If I trade BTC and only barely break even on my trade on a 0% fee exchange it is not fake, it is just barely getting by by the skin if my teeth.

So when some bitcoin 'expert' suggests to 'buy on the dip' is that dip during a day trading scenario, a weekly scenario, a monthly scenario?    Would a bitcoin trader think of a 'dip' differently than a HODLer?     
Dips can happen 10X a day for a daytrader or once every 6 months for a HODLr.. A "dip" is whenever it gets oversold, downward momentum carries it beyond reasonable, reverse FOMO

This recent move in price from about $3200 to $4100 seems to be manipulated to me. 
What do you mean by "manipulated"? You mean traders are feee to do whatever they want? I don't see it as "manipulation" I just see it as TACTICS.
A jump in price is happening everyday.  Is that how bitcoin and crypto actually behaves?  That doesn't give much time for a person to make up his or her mind on whether to purchase or not. 
you have to be fast if you want to daytrade, duh..
They end up chasing.   A whale would love that.   
Then the whale wins.. So??
(For instance I have decided to buy and sell on Coinbase Pro.  Lower commission.  BUT it takes 5, 8, maybe 10 days for money to actually appear in your account to trade!   That is so IRONIC considering the technology of Bitcoin, LTC and others are suppose to speed up transaction time.  But the system being used to add money takes days . . . a week . . . or more!   
Because you are transferring FIAT!!! You think the FIAT magically gets fast when you are trading against crypto? Nope
Of course using Coinbase is different than Pro . . . but if someone wants to make small bites at bitcoin, it doesn't make sense to pay 10% commission!   
Then don't..
I checked.  For instance, a $10 dollar Bitcoin purchase on Coinbase asked for a .99 fee.  BUT a $100 purchase asked for something like 2.99 fee.   The small guy is on the hook for a higher % fee.   
You think it is less work for CB to manage $10 in an account that $1,000? No..
If anything they are cutting the small guy a break charging him less

Coinbase obviously want people with $$ and not small fish . . .
Who doesn't?
although the Whales want small fish to eat their $$.    I read the average buy for Cryptos is about $150.  If the average person is buying at that rate, in order to move the price higher requires Whales or Organizations to do so because small players can't make the market at this point in time by themselves in my opinion.)
The market moves with sentiment.. Maybe whales can manipulate some pattern to provoke a sentiment once in a while, but whales can only just psycologically effect the market..

What would a ''dip' now represent for a HODLer . . .
Right now..
hoping to retest an area around 3600?  or how about the off chance of retesting 3200?  In stocks, once passing an area of resistance can become 'support' and therefore I'm inclined to think that that might be the kind of 'dip' some a referring to.  The problem, many don't say exactly what kind of 'dip' they are expecting relating to what kind of chart . . .4 hour, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
All of the charts and your best guess.. And you still might be wrong..
If you have this all figured out for the stock market then why would you even mess with crypto? Just go get filthy rich in stocks..

OR is a dip having nothing to do with an area of resistance or support . . . but has to do with a price drop of 10%?  or placing a personal 'dip' price of correcting 5%, 10%, 15% or anything one assigns to it?
Usually it is when it breaks resistance and then falls so fast it falls below reasonable = oversold = catch the knife, and then hope that was the actual bottom..
It has momentum and goes further than it should in both directions..

Hope I get some honest questions as to how some folks view buying on the dip; and if not successful at that, there is always the buying once a week on a set day regardless of price.  I suppose that's the HODL approach . . .

which I do not intend to be stuck in front of my computer the rest of my life
Then but at ANY time and HODL..
If you aren't willing to stare at charts for 6-10 hours a day then just buy anywhere and hold for a year +..
If you aren't willing to put in the time/work then the better traders that are will rightfull take your money from you on the exchange for being better than you

tying to gauge a market at least 50% controlled by folks or organizations that have a world of bitcoin to manipulate the market.    I just want to participate.

NO! They WIN.. They have the money and time to WIN, and you lose because you don't..
Bitcoin, if anything, is the FREEEST market, may the best man win..

You think you are going to beat the guys that have 100mm$ and teams on shifts 24/7 trading because you think you can read some technicals?
No, they are going to set the technical up on you and take all of your money..

Response in red

1378  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Idea Discussion - Bitcoin Public Relations BPR Fork - Funding BTC Advancement on: December 20, 2018, 08:14:51 PM
I support your idea for a way to fund BTC advancement in a manner that isn't solely dependent on current Bitcoin businesses.
Thanks for your nice post and shared expertise.

I don't know if a fork is the right way to do it, but it certainly is an idea worth considering. Forks have been created for much less worthy reasons (lol).
Forks get a lot of attention. It just being a fork would probably get it mentioned in a lot of places focused on forks. It also seems that crypto media likes to write articles about forks.
The fork idea is just half a ply to draw attention.

The people that we would want to reach are Bitcoin holders. I think if they find out they got some more free coins, even if they don't claim them, they will probably go find out what it's all about and if it's worth anything and then be aware of it.

I hope that you don't stop at Public Relations, and also focus on other ways to really keep advancing the tech. Promotion and education ARE important, but there are other priorities too.
I don't know too much about technical development but donating to some promising projects is another good idea.

I was more thinking about targeting the population at large with positive Bitcoin messages to give them a better impression of Bitcoin, rather than them just thinking it is a scam, for scammers, only for criminals and money launderers, etc..

If their are ever enough funds they could be used on many positive things for Bitcoin.

Like nodes. Maybe we could incentivise nodes somehow like we could send some Bitcoin nodes, to BTC nodes that are also running a BPR node as donations, or something.
Or, if we could incentivise BPR nodes with some of the BPR block rewards in the coin's code, maybe people would run them for that incentive and maybe they would run a Bitcoin node too while they are at it since they would already be set up for it.

And absolutely, complete transparency is a must for any credible nonprofit.
Blockchain is great for transparency. Their may be some cool ways to provide transparency all on the block chain. Like a proof of swap to Bitcoin from BPR for donations in BTC or if BPR had enough liquidity to be a currency maybe people would accept straight BPR as payments for their work, and donate straight BPR, so it would easily stay on the blockchain and be transparent.

just know that I have never felt more passionately about something as I do about blockchain technology being a tremendous force for good in the world, with cryptocurrency being the most important application for it.
This is the main reason I am interested in cryptocurrency.
Imagine how hard it would be for the "powers that be" to orchestrate frivolous wars if they couldn't just print a bunch of fiat to pay for it..
Or for people to be able to escape whatever hellish situation they may find themselves in without monetary controls stopping them, like the confiscation of Jewish wealth right before the holocaust. If they had BTC and knew how to use it could NOT have been confiscated, and could possibly have been sent to help them instead of used to fund their demise..
1379  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Don't Believe The Trading Volumes On Most Exchanges on: December 19, 2018, 10:22:34 AM
I'll tell you I can surely put down a lot of volume on a 0% fee exchange, and with a little bit of margin both ways, look out..

I wouldn't completely discredit volume on 0% fee exchanges like CMC does..

Sure it makes it easy to put down a lot of fake volume if you are a whale and don't mind eating all the small trades inbetween, but with no fees on non-leveraged positions a person can make tons and tons of little trades that add up to something.
1380  Other / Meta / Re: [HELP] Recovering stolen account: signed message on: December 19, 2018, 10:08:18 AM
right now at least 2 in 10 individuals know how important the bitcoin/bitcointalk account with a high rank is
I guess it depends on where you are?
I don't have a single friend that would know a priv key or seed if they were slapped in the face with it.
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