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1581  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: {BFL} Here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK at your Monarch! on: May 29, 2014, 02:06:42 AM
When comparing 28nm Rockerbox SP30s vs. 28nm BFL chips who wins then?

Who is shipping that 28nm first if you order today?  Spondoolies Tech.
Who will achieve their power numbers? Spondoolies Tech.
Who makes a cheaper $/gh unit? Spondoolies Tech.
Who has better on time delivery record? Spondoolies Tech.
Who is a more responsive company to question via email? Spondoolies Tech.
Who has a better in house design team? Spondoolies Tech.
Who has fewer lawsuits? Spondoolies Tech.
Who has a higher density unit? Spondoolies Tech.

It's not really fair to say it's a good idea to preorder from spondoolies regardless of their track record so far.

There is a good chance spondoolies next gen is delayed and the fact they can sell tested/competed hardware without delays doesn't demonstrate their ability to go from new chips/hardware to working product without delays.

Just say no to preorders.


However I personally broke that rule. I could get horribly disfigured taking the risk. But if you were to make a choice vs BFL vaporware and ST version the SP30 I am putting my $ where I think it might reasonably pay off. Cheaper, more likely at this time to ship to you. That is the point. We all agree BFL is non starter and by comparison ST might be worth it. Also you can always buy their SP10 IN STOCK if you don't want to the wait for the biggest hash rate lowest power numbered SP30. Either way BFL is a joke.
1582  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Old BFL buyers vs new asicminer prices on: May 28, 2014, 07:45:01 AM

I suppose it needs it's own thread as I suggested since it is quite valuable information about the current market vs. the past market purchases. That should play into your decision when making any NEW PURCHASES like the BFL Monarch... ergo this is maybe a good place to point out the failures of BFL delivery. Would it not? To protect people possibly making the wrong choice when purchasing? Or should we all ignore this analysis?

Haven't we analyzed this to death?  There are dozens of threads about this very topic.  Is it really necessary to ruin another thread with the same stuff we've been reading for months?  I personally want to hear what others have to say about the Monarch.  Nothing else.
Such as...?

Make an example

It is not even a prototype correct? No gerbers? No BOM even? Just a drawing... what more can you say about it? Other than taking specifications they claim it will have and doing an analysis and then determining whether or not it is a good buy correct?

Given what Death is saying in a comparison of the Asicminer Blades vs. 2012 BFL Products that have yet to ship... you might want to really rethink whether or not the Monarch has any value other than a thought experiment into a PCIe miner, seems to be hard to say anymore than that right? Forgive me but doesn't BFL have a forum for all this information. Why would anyone come here to get updated info on this product should you not go to the source?

Almost what now 9 months later and the Monarch is still a thought experiment.
1583  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Old BFL buyers vs new asicminer prices on: May 28, 2014, 07:38:16 AM
Has history just repeated itself?

Bitmain and Spondoolies Tech shipping off the shelf and BFL no Monarch to be seen anywhere. Look back and read the Inaba and BCP defense... sound familiar?


1584  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - Best W/GH/s ratio - Shipping from stock on: May 28, 2014, 07:22:58 AM
Hi guys, i try order SP10, Spondoolies-Tech send me invoice : recipient send to Israel ,but banks branch is in Czech Republic, did you get same invoices ?Thanks

See here:

How hard would it be for the lazy admin Thermos to create a "Search this thread only" feature? Also it amazes me that people are so careful about the bank thing even if SP-Tech is already known as a trust able company, but people had no problem in sending money to BFL who is run by a convicted felon for mail scamming and after failing so many times.

Therein lies the answer.

BFL has poisoned the well completely. In some respects that is a good thing if everyone has heard the news as that should make everyone much more "buyer beware" aware.

Just sending an email to sales should clear up your issues I think gyntas right? Just have to wait a day they are becoming more successful so response times will slow accordingly. They might need more gremlins to answer the emails now.
1585  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Group buy] Avalon chips Escrow John K / Please check refund list until Sunday on: May 28, 2014, 07:09:24 AM
I'm not able to commit with end date @ the moment.
As soon I'm able to do it I'll hold my word.

probably hold my word has a different meaning there ...

Even his own words won't persuade him to pay off his debts to others.
1586  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: BFL ROI FIGURES on: May 28, 2014, 06:24:40 AM
One of these cards won't make back more than 200$ of the purchase value.

1587  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: BFL ROI FIGURES on: May 28, 2014, 06:05:03 AM
The difficulty keeps rising at fairly steady rate although it has slowed a little but BFL keeps under delivering on product and it isn't surprising it is being done on purpose. Things never change in the BFL shipping queue.

1588  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: BFL ROI FIGURES on: May 28, 2014, 04:53:01 AM
I for one am lucky, free power at work and all the BFL gear I ordered was free. So for me personally I am not fussed with regard to ROI.

That been said, I wonder why people dont group together and sue/class action BFL, Or is it some misguided hope that miraculously they will receive their gear tomorrow  . . I dont know.

They have... and it is clear that with the Monarch they are doing it all over again. Rinse and Repeat Scam.
1589  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [Group buy] Avalon chips Escrow John K / Please check refund list until Sunday on: May 28, 2014, 04:03:48 AM
Marto still not paid off what he owes?

Amazing he can still do business here if he can't even refund properly from a failed group buy.
1590  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ***Spondoolies Tech SP10 - Shipping NOW - 1.4-1.45Th/s - $2,795 + shipping*** on: May 28, 2014, 02:35:08 AM
If anyone needs a 220V PDU I have extras of this DELL one.
Ended up buying too many.
I think its 30AMP max per PDU.

Mine are brand new and I have 2 available.
haha im sorry to laugh its just when you said you had extra psu and so gently have : trade with extreme caution in you avatar. Made me roflmao

That trust feedback is BS.  Mostly received from SP-Tech haters.

If you are so worried Ill sell to you on ebay where I have a 600+ 99.9% positive feedback.
JHFK, yah, im gona rip you off for a $70 PDU.  If you arent interested, STFU.

Shipping is normally $170 I believe.

Might want to start a sales thread for this not use ST thread. Just a thought.
1591  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: XBTec Announce. New ASIC manufacturer on: May 28, 2014, 02:07:18 AM
.7 or .8 jim wins

1 or 1.1 tzortz wins

.9 break even - or both donate .1 to seans outpost Smiley

If you don't want to wager with bitbet, I can escrow for free.

I can escrow this if you want.

If Dogie says the miner works as they claim, that's good enough for me.  My only concern at that point would be that it was a one off miner and the others they make won't work at the same efficiently as the one that they sent to Dogie.

I would be more impressed if they managed to fake it or bin a single unit 35% more power efficient than normal. Its either going to be as they say, or it won't!

K, sweet. Thanks for the clarification.  I don't know a hell of a lot about these things and with all the scams I've seen, I'm leery when I see a new company make claims on their hardware.

I'm in the market to upgrade, and this one does sound intriguing.   

Never buy anything if you're the "first" customer. Do not buy anything unless the company has proven physical/visual units.

Do other customers already have units from this company? Are they happy? etc.

All questions you ask/verify before you even THINK about sending money for a miner.

+1 ... You are better not buying than buying anything "unproven" when there are companies that do ship from stock already.
1592  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: {BFL} Here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK at your Monarch! on: May 28, 2014, 01:35:21 AM
How Late is the Monarch?
1593  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: BFL Monarch - Delivery Dates on: May 28, 2014, 01:31:06 AM
Involuntary Chapter 11.

BFL should be shaking in their boots. How long before the creditors come knocking?
1594  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BFL list of orders /status - Monarch 600 / Monarch 300 + aktual Informations on: May 28, 2014, 12:52:56 AM
Another tin-foil-hat moment:

If BFL doesn't pull some sneaky plan to have "commenced shipments" in 4 days (so Black Friday orders can't be refunded), their refund turns allow them to "put the pre-order for purchase".    What if their own Eclipse pool was to take all such orders?   Easy way to ramp up their own mining operations at the expense of all the poor customers who stayed with them through every single set back.

Would a company with the morals demonstrated by BFL do such a thing?

They did that to protect their PayPal account last time. This time they won't do anything too obvious remember Sonny V. hangs on a thread for going back to jail. There seems to be only one direction BFL is headed in and that is ruin.
1595  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: BFL Monarch - Delivery Dates on: May 28, 2014, 12:45:30 AM
So, here's a deal. If you caPokokohua!n prove that anyone, just one will do, is actually paid by BFL to shill for them here, than I will prove that you, <SEO shit deleted>, are a pedophile with a Montessori school in Djakarta.
Fair deal?

 This is in very poor taste and completely out of line on these forums.

 You are just parroting libel that Butterfly Labs has concocted to discredit those who bring attention to their deplorable business practices.

 For shame.

This has been a favorite tactic before but now the lawyers have a gag on Inaba / Josh / Slok and others etc they have to use other accounts to get their shrill message out. Amazing he finally broke cover using an account. Doesn't take much to push his ego into comment. Just have to tell the truth and he finds a way to post.

Slandering people is just par for the course. Again when Pokokohua! leaves daily spam and I do mean daily negative trust ratings on my name and others you wonder who the obsessive and twisted person is. These people need a mental health checkup and they need it right away. I worry for the their well being. Interestingly this account seems to sound as concerned about Marto as BFL hmmm wonder why? Why would this account point out Marto? Funny.

Check out Pokokohua! go from grammar error filled ESL student to native speaker in less than one post early on in this "newbies" posts. Now back to misspellings and grammar errors. Like there are a few people using this account.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-27 0.00000020
Addicted to BFL much? His only effort sofar seems spreading fud and lies

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-26 0.00000000
Read his trusted and untrusted feedback, and you know how people think
about this failure of a human

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-25 10.00000000
So lost he declares the Monarch as being non-existent vapourware,
and a couple of hours later is pretty sure BFL is mining with them
stealing customers coins???? WTF, he's getting dumber by the hour!!!!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-24 0.00000000
Another fail, thinking anyone would trust him with their money?

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-23 0.00000020
13 anti-bfl posts from the weaksauce of bitcointalk bicknellski,
2 blabla's on the wasp fail nexxxxtttttttt

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-22 0.00000000
dumb and a fool, can't stand other one's success,
"gonna cry a bit more, then waist my time at the IRS"

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-21 0.00000020
So desperate for attention he's posting about houses
bought by BFL personnel?? Jalousie because he lives
of fees from the people still believing his wasp fantasies???

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-20 0.00000020
So desperate for attention he's posting in one year old
topics now??? Wasp update in 12322001 - 12322000 -

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-19 0.00000020
"Numerous bfl lawsuits", since when is 2 numerous?
Numerous is the amount of lies spread everyday by
Darin Bicknell, only 10 anti-bfl posts today, guess he's
gotta do something to distract from that wasp fail he
is filling his pockets with? Again?

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-18 0.00000020
quote bicknellski;
"massive rma number for bfl"
Truth: it's 0.7% lowest of all sha256 asic manufacturers

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-17 0.00000000
Monarch release countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3........
Wasp release countdown 10022000012223 10022000012222

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-16 0.00000020
Wakes up thinking of BFL
All day long he thinks of BFL
Goes to bed thinking of BFL
what a loser........

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-15 0.00000020
delivered units:

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-14 0.00000000
Unfortunately Wasp and previous Bicknellski fails are a faith
based industry. the only miracle is people still pay him for
not producing anything except anti BFL propaganda,
and attacking other project builders that do deliver,
like Marto7.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-13 0.00000000
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, loooooooooook, he has a render!!!!!!!
a kid could make in in 2 minutes!!! After how long??????
A year????????? lol

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-12 0.00000020
Diverts from the issue he is paid from wasp fees paid by
people he lied to, and buys from wasp competitors hardware
he mines with into his own pockets. caveat emptor!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-11 0.00000020
Buys hardware from vendors and lets others pay for it through
his wasp fantasy, are you all fools to fall for it?????

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-10 0.00000000
Aonther one that knows Bicknell, and how he fills his pockets,
and brings nothing in return:
"Wrong Bick Grin
You are taking your developers time for free and on top they
are paying you a member fee Grin
However it is their will. You are not forcing them to donate
their time and money to your project.
We have a saying which in English sounds like
The mad man is not the one who is eating the cake but
the one who is giving it for free
Buy the way how are your meetings going lately?
No announcement no CSS designs and provisioning serves
Are you still on track? Grin"

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-09 0.00000020
Completely lost person, thinks everybody is just one
person, the BFL boss. Me too of course, so I am
competing "in my own contest". The saddest part,
it is to be believed this fool runs a montessori
school??? Really????

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-08 0.00000000
Quote Marto7: @ Bick
" How are your online meetings going , any progress ?
Any working product ? Wink You always prefer to quote trolls
like Joe and call us scam , instead showing a real mining board .
You know the fact that we had some problems is not going to
change the fact that after a years of "hard work" you got , what ?
And since you are not familiar with Joe's case I assume you are
just looking for a chance to make us look bad.
Please , I'm really sorry that we managed to came out with
working projects and you are still trying .
Please try better and keep us on your ignore list. Good luck"

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-07 0.00000020
Darin Bicknell is the Joseph Goebbels of the internet:
"just keep repeating the lie and it will become a truth eventually".

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-06 0.00000000
dropped the ball with Klondike, now they know too what a
fail bicknell turned out to be.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-05 0.00000000
9 anti-bfl posts today while not even a customer, from this
self-proclaimed Jesus the righteous. Repaid everybody that
stepped in to your dreamworld and lost big time???

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-04 0.00000000
Bicknellski's play with the WASP is clearly directed at noobs
and those who are not aware of the minimums in hash power
required today in mining, stay away before he steals your
money too!!!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-03 0.00000020
Posted there are 7,000,000,000 billion (that's 7,000,000,000 X 7,000,000,000!!)
people on this planet, and this genius teaches children??

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-02 0.00000000
"Who took 15+ months and counting to deliver 28nm?"
You bicknelski? BFL did it in under 8 months.
The 15 month one is you....still waiting on your 115nm
product, waiting.........waiting........waiting.......

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-05-01 0.00000020
Already early 2013 advised people to get a refund from BFL
and jump on Avalon's third batch bandwagon, which never was
delivered, costing people thousands of dollars/btc

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-30 0.00000000
was provided a 0% loan from sheeple who believed in
his fantasies, prison would fit this asshamster just fine

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-29 234.00000000
Avoid any project he is in, already stole thousands by
gambling on wrong horses with customer money!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-28 0.00000020
Careful, made up most of his resumeeeeeeeee

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-27 0.00000020
Cough -Darin Bicknell- Cough - Scammer-. Cough-thief-Cough-liar
distracting newbies-Cough-beware!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-26 0.00000000
Only 2 anti-BFL lies today, bicknellski who scammed
people out of thousands of $ is losing it?
"Reason is lost on those with overactive imaginations.", indeed

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-25 0.00000020
"I contacted that lawyer who won Mr. Lolli's case. After long
silence he said that $2k deposit is required, his rate is something
like $200/h and no guarantee he gives. Guess that story
was just another scam cover operation." lollilollilolli

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-24 0.00000020
Want to see a comprehensive list of Bicknellski lies, just
read all his posts:
profile;u=76550;sa=showPosts Remember: Bicknellski stole
1000s of peoples hard earned dollars and btc by failing not
only to deliver a hardware product on time, he did not deliver
at all! Millions of revenue from his customers could have
mined went up in smoke!!!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-23 0.00000020
Started abusing trusted feedback system on 2013-08-21. Has been
posting lies in the trust feedback since then, now posts walls of text
on everybody's trust list even for disagreeing with him

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-22 0.00000000
"It's not enough to send you to prison today,' and it will never
be, because a lying Darin Bicknell, and a bunch of stupid
statements and rumors ("missed out on enrichment"
"must be mining themselves" lolololol "bought a
company car and house for visitors and employees
to use" boooohoooohooo must be scam because Bickell
jalousy") will never be enough

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-21 0.00000020
"It is a link to the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against BFL.
Not a referral to shop with them."

There is no class action lawsuit, it is a request to open
one, but as in most of his posts, it is an utter fail again.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-19 0.00000020
Quote: "Eventually someone is going to rollover and
provide evidence to avoid jail', is this when information
from your former employers will come through and you
will be dealt with? Bicknelski trust: -11: -2 / +0(0)
Warning: Trade with extreme caution!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-18 0.00000000
Doesn't know he difference between a request to
update a filed case to a class action and an actual
class action, priceless. Have a quarter!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-17 0.00000000
Although his group buy was refunded fully he failed to
respond to many refund query's in a timely and professional
manner. You should avoid doing business with him,
his trust rating: -11: -2 / +0(0)
Warning: Trade with extreme caution!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-16 123.00000000
bumps up 16 months old threads, what a worthless
life he must have.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-15 0.00000020
cries about wanting a forum where only his likes would be
welcome, a bfl abuse club, what a joke, how does it feel
to be the joke of the forum bicknelski?

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-11 234.00000000
Bicknellski has been spamming the trust system for
months without having any business with bfl or emc
pool, clearly evidences this Don Quichotte as the
weakest sauce on the shelf misusing a system for
his own benefit. What happened is good people left
this forum because of twats like this.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-08 0.00000000
Bicknellski's lie for today: "Yes the hardware vaporware
they are hawking and the fact some people misread the
ASIC wave that flooded BTC." The only vaporware
existing is anything Bicknell tries to pull off the ground,
fail again!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-07 0.00000020
5 anti-BFL posts today = 5 lies, now (ftfy) altering
quotes from other people's posts too?

1 "At what point do you really want to keep some
one on the payroll that is that delusion / willing to
lie? At some point that will be a liability legally."
2 "Remember there are hundreds of unfortunate
BFL customers that got scammed"
3 "BFL Scammed millions over a long period"
4 "And most certainly 50% of them are multis created
by BFL"
5 "They stipulated somewhere in the convoluted terms
that you get a refund when / if they can resell your
order to others after 30-45 otherwise they won't give
a refund."

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-06 0.00000000
Today's Bicknell's delusion: "BFL is working on the
monarch for 14 months now"
What a joke, are you living in some sort of fantasy
world where what you make up is true?
Stay away of his wasp dream, it will never come true,
like any of his former failed projects, he even admits
it won't pay back it's purchase price!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-05 0.00000000
BICKNELL'S LIE FOR TODAY: "Stand in solidarity with
the hundreds of customers that got scammed like......"
No wonder his life is so full of fail, don't trust this
guy with a single satoshi! The only scammer
around here keeping his customers on the line
was Bicknellski and his avalon wet dream

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-04 0.00000000
Bicknellski's lie for today: "There are so many faux
accounts on the forums at BFL I bet that fake
accounts out number the real ones" Delusional
to the max!

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-03 0.00000020
Watch out, 95% of his posts are anti-bfl rants,
mentally disturbed person.

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-04-01 0.00000000
Does not understand contest rules, Pavlov effect makes
him post without thinking, completely wrong or just a bit
stupid?. Hint "registration date, on what site?" Blinded by

Pokokohua! -16: -4 / +1(1) 2014-03-30 0.00000000
Pathological liar. Cheats forum members repeatedly with
false information over BFL, their employees and their products
-all successful- while his business fails, has absolutely no
technical knowledge, qualifies non working usb hubs as bfl
product failures. Falsely rates people who are producing
hardware and are an asset to the bitcoin community
negative, and ridicules any forum member that confronts
him on his lies. Too bad a lot of these types hang around
on this forum, no orders but crying scam over legit companies,
while they are never seen in the real scam topics.

1596  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED] Group Buy Antminer S2 $1650.- May 25th - 150/150 on: May 27, 2014, 02:39:42 PM
Unit arrived in Norway at datacenter. Intacted this time. Testing soon. Thanks.

05/27/2014    3:08 P.M.   Delivered
1597  Local / Майнеры / Re: BFL ASICs on: May 27, 2014, 01:44:32 PM
Хоть Josh и лажает с асиками, но биткоин он пиарит норм. Вот опять его в американских новостях показали(дом купил себе за биткоины)
Может кто решит последовать его примеру, так и курс потихоньку подымут  Wink

Ya he didn't take any coins from his customers for that did he. You still back BFL fraud?
1598  Other / Meta / Re: Those who are Spamming the trust system. Action needs to be taken! on: May 27, 2014, 12:45:28 PM
Wrong thread zackclark70.

that post is quoted from this thread

Still wrong thread.

Talking about the BFL aholes still posting negative trust and positive trust as spam ads for their products.
1599  Other / Meta / Re: Those who are Spamming the trust system. Action needs to be taken! on: May 27, 2014, 12:39:26 PM
Wrong thread zackclark70.
1600  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: {BFL} WHAT THE:!( Butterfly Lads won't deliver the Monarch Till JUNE or JULY:( on: May 27, 2014, 09:45:28 AM

Great response to the ARSTechnica article.

What BFL did in the long term, is damage all of the other bitcoin mining
companies by reputation and inaction.

Let's put that into perspective a bit.

BFL has a horrendous track record of customer service, and ethics aside, they
put all of their customers, staff and their interests in a very tenuous position,
and treated a great number of people badly in an attempt to douse fires and
promote themselves.

And while any company can have setbacks, BFL failed by any standard to solve
or help the customers they had in resolving disputes. The doubling of time
from 6 months to 12 months to produce hardware, and the lack of communication
with customers caused long-lasting damage

BFL during this time were uncontactable, customer service emails and phone
calls took months to reply to requests or responses, they redefined the definition
of terrible service. Their lack of ethics, unashamed and coercive communications,
while being uncommunicative about their issues or faults.

Every standard of customer service you could imagine, BFL liaisons and employees
unapologetically failed on every measurable level. in CS terms, they were doing
everything wrong, fighting with customers, refusing refunds, ignoring customers,
and denigrating their own products.

To be fair to BFL, they had a good position in 2012 almost ~30,000 people gave
BFL between $150 to $30,000, often in bitcoins, to take advantage of ASIC preorder
discounts, expecting hardware in 6 months.

BFL had a perfect opportunity and window of time for the release of ASIC hardware,
but they also had competition from KnC and Avalon, and others, which was BFL's
critical downfall, they completely ignored the public environment, and they utterly
failed on every level to handle the customers.

Every month of delay after their promised release date, new ASIC competitors
launched and released hardware to the market, and this caused exponential
levels of panic. But, instead of launching hardware, or offering refunds, what
BFL did, was publish and promote.

When the first ASICs from Avalon came out, BFL was unavailable. And then, the
BFL date slipped. and slipped. and slipped, and slipped again. Preorders promising
a 3-6 month release, eventually took 11+ months, people waited over a year for
Jalapeno or SC/mini/single/mini-rig ASIC hardware, and people got fidgety.

By delaying and mishandling the customer base for over 6 months, every other
competitor took advantage. Refunds were arranged, offered, refused. Some
people panicked and lost their shit, abuse was taken and given, BFL scam
warnings were everywhere, threats were veiled and launched, people were hostile.

There are generally speaking, no happy customers of BFL.

All in all, more than enough to be worthy of any awards you deem valid measures
of awful, horrible, inept, etc. and any general failed attributes of business.
Nobody trusts BFL and nobody would buy from BFL again willingly. BFL's ineptitude
gave dozens of competitors a leg up in the marketplace.

Mining hardware is now compared in ROI, based upon how long it takes to get the
hardware in days.

Butterfly Labs is the greatest reason for this fear and trepidation. They were not the
only company to fail to produce hardware, but they failed on such a large scale that
it shaped the industry.

ALL Mining Hardware is compared and calculated by how long it will take to arrive.
A dollar to bitcoin return is more important than the price or the brand name,
or GH/W power consumption, and if it can't make the standard, and few can,
people won't invest or buy the hardware.

and while HashFast is also making the same mistakes, they really have shot
themselves in the foot, the public press of "any day now" blog posts, forum
updates and general alerts that were not balms for the enraged customer
base, expecting progress, and getting delays is going to rile people.

Butterfly Labs absolutely deserve the reputation they have made for themselves.
Full Stop.

As for bitcoin itself, it has hit the worst parts of the zeitgeist, and the downside
of that is that several cultures and groups are using it to serve other interests,
and that opens up speculation and opportunity for larceny, investment and fraud
by contract. i.e. what everyone assumes is regular Business.

Yes, bitcoin is good for investment or transfer of goods, like holding gold,
diamonds, stock, bonds or gift cards, etc. But the rampant
speculation and volatility make it hard to really hold it as currency. And
arguably, anyone asking you to believe that it holds integral or intrinsic value,
is more than likely trying to scam you in order that they can profit from you,
offering returns, holding BTC in storage or mining interests, by investing in their
efforts or putting collateral into a sinking fund for production and early access.
When the reality is, you're investing in their company without a share of the
profit or getting into an early investment without any return.
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